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Feedback on meeting with the Hon’ble MR

No.AIRF/24(C)                                  Dated: September 13, 2011

The General Secretaries,
All Affiliated Unions,
Dear Comrades,

Sub: Feedback on meeting with the Hon’ble MR on long pending demands of the Railwaymen

Today I met Hon’ble Minister for Railways along with Coms. U.C. Tyagi, Mukesh Galav, Harbhajan Singh Sidhu, Jaya Aggarwal, S.K. Tyagi and handed him over memorandum on various long pending demands of the Railwaymen. The gist of discussions held with Hon’ble MR, in the presence of Chairman and Adviser(IR), Railway Board is appended below:-
1. LARSGESS – This scheme was launched by the Railways with a view that those employees who cannot work will retire voluntarily and their wards will be recruited in the Railways. Many a times we have raised this issue in various Fora that the recruitment against LARSGESS should be treated at par with compassionate ground appointment, but unfortunately up till now nothing has been done in this regard, with the result, the scheme, which brought lot of cheer and motivation in the mind of the Railwaymen, has now become null and void and the Railwaymen are now getting frustrated because of lots of riders on the implementation of this scheme. It is, therefore, requested that immediate orders should be issued to the Railways to treat LARSGESS at par with compassionate ground appointment.
Will be considered positively.
2. Payment of arrears of Running Allowance w.e.f. 1.1.2006, improvement in ALK and 25% increase in the rate of Mileage due to enhancement in the DA(reaching 51%) – These issues are pending since long, though being negotiated at the highest level in DC/JCM Forum, but needs early redressal to avoid discontentment among the Running Staff. Additional Allowance to Loco Pilots/Asstt. Loco Pilots and Guards working on freight trains.
Meeting will be arranged at an earliest.

3. Removal of Departmental Anomalies – Departmental Anomalies were unanimously agreed by the Railway Board and the same were referred to MoF by the Railway Ministry, but unfortunately nothing has been done in this regard.
(a) Grade Pay of Highly Skilled Gr. III should be at par with highly skilled Gr. I, i.e. GP Rs.2800.
(b) Grade Pay Rs.4800 should be extended for all categories of staff.
(c) Improvement in the grade pay of Technical and other Supervisors of apex grade by GP Rs.4800, other issues related to Technical Supervisors, Station Masters, Loco Inspectors, Chemical & Metallurgical Staff, Sr. Traffic Costing Inspectors, Information Technology Cadre, Health & Malaria Inspectors, Ex-cadre posts, Welfare Inspectors/Personnel Inspector, Publicity Inspectors, Enquiry-Cum-Reservation Supervisors, Ticket Checking Staff, Train Controllers, etc.
(d) Merger of Grade Pay Rs.2400 with Grade Pay Rs.2800 in case of Technicians
In the case of Technicians, the GP Rs.2400 allotted to Technician-II is to be merged with GP Rs.2800 of Technician Grade-I as decided unanimously in the Departmental Anomaly Committee, but this case is still hanging fire.
These should be addressed early.
Hon’ble MR has assured that he himself will pursue the matter with the MoF.
4. Productivity Linked Bonus to Railwaymen
Productivity Linked Bonus for the year 2010– 2011 be paid well before Durga Puja in cash, so that the staff working down the lines can get the same.
He has promised that the orders for PLB will be issued before “Pooja”, and it is assumed that it will be for 78 days.
5. 8th pass educational qualification for compassionate ground appointment
Compassionate ground appointment with minimum 8th pass educational qualification.
Will be considered sympathetically, particularly in the case of Trackmen, Safaiwalas etc.
6. Filling up of vacancies and sanction of additional post for additional Trains/ work load.
Over two lakh posts in Indian Railway are lying vacant. There has been 83.37% increase in passenger traffic and 74.95% increase in goods traffic between the year 2000–2001 and 2008-2009, whereas staff strength has been reduced by 10.29%, causing safety hazard.
The issue will be pursued vigorously.
7. Recruitment of Substitutes in the Railways – One of the long pending demands of AIRF is, the wards of the Railwaymen should be recruited as “Substitutes” in the Railways. Unfortunately, orders to this effect have been issued in such a way by the Railway Board, that no General Manager is implementing the same. Hence, it is requested that suitable amendments should be made in the orders of the Railway Board so that wards of the Railwaymen are given priority while recruiting as Substitute.
Hon’ble MR has instructed the Railway Board to review this issue in the light of discussions held during the meeting.
8. Absorption of quasi-administrative offices staff in the Railways - The issue of absorption of quasi- administrative offices staff in the Railways was raised by the AIRF several times in various negotiating Fora with the Railway Board but unfortunately nothing has been done in the matter. If these staff are absorbed in the Railways, this will enable the Railways in having trained manpower.
This issue was discussed in detail and he has assured us to consider the matter favourably.
9. Implementation of various Welfare Schemes announced by earlier Hon’ble MR in her Rail Budget – Ms Mamata Banerjee, Ex. Hon’ble Minister for Railways, in her Rail Budget had announced various Welfare Schemes for Railway employees and their wards, such as - opening of Nursing Schools, Medical Colleges, Engineering Colleges, Polytechnics, Kendriya Vidyalas, houses for all the Railway employees, extension of medical facilities to both dependent father and mother of railway employees, setting up of a Railway Vidyalaya Prabandhan Board to improve the quality of education to children studying in Railway Schools. The progress is very tardy and to create confidence among the Railwaymen, the process of implementation of such welfare schemes should be accelerated.
Hon’ble MR has instructed the Railway Board to expedite the welfare schemes announced by the then Hon’ble MR in her last Rail Budget.
10. Provision of Privilege Pass facility for parents of Railway employees – At present, Indian Railways give Privilege Pass facility only to the widow mother of the Railway employees. This facility should be extended to the parents of Railway employees in line with PSUs, such as Air India, who offers this facility even to blood relatives of the employees.
Will be examined.
11. Medical facilities to Railwaymen/Retired Railwaymen and their families
Though it was announced in the last Rail Budget by the then MR that medical facilities will be provided to all the Railwaymen and their families even if they are posted in remote areas by utilizing Mobil Medical Vans, but nothing has been done in this regard. Hospitals are without doctors and paramedical staff. Private hospitals are not being recognized deliberately, with the result Railwaymen and their families are not getting proper treatment. CMP doctors who have completed seven years, a proposal was sent to extend it from seven years. In spite of regular persuasions from the GMs, it is still lying with the Railway Board. Announcement of Hon’ble MR in the last Rail Budget, that the parents will also get medical treatment in Railway hospital, has also not been implemented so far. For safe running of the Railways, health of Railwaymen is being utmost importance, and therefore, we hope that this issue will be considered on top priority, so that all the Railwaymen/Retired Railwaymen and their families could get proper medical assistance as and when require.
Orders will be issued for extension of CMPs from the existing 7 years to 10 years. Approval for hospitals will be expedited. Provision of Mobile Medical Vans will also be expedited.
12. Entitlement of Privilege Pass holders in Duronto Express Trains
Passholder Railway employees should also be permitted to travel in Duronto Express Trains as has been done in the case of Garib Rath trains etc.
Agreed. Passes will be allowed on the pattern of Rajdhani Express trains.
13 Recommendations of Committee on Career Progression and Package to Trackmen
The recommendations of the Committee on Career Progression and Package to Trackmen should be implemented early .
Explained in detailed to Hon’ble MR and he has instructed the Railway Board to expedite implementation of the recommendations of the said committee.
14. Representation of women employees in Negotiating Fora
Railways are pursuing the policy of women empowerment for years together, therefore, it would be in the fitness of the things that at least two women representatives are allowed in Negotiating Fora(PNM meeting etc.) at all levels in addition to the existing number of representatives.
Representation to two women workers will be given on Zonal and Divisional levels, as has been given at the Railway Board level for PNM Meeting.
Since these issues are pending since very long, it will be highly appreciated, if you kindly arrange a meeting between Federation(AIRF) and Full Board in your presence so that the issues can be resolved early.
With kind regards!

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PME Due Date

Master Circular No. 25

Copy of Railway Board’s letter No. 69/H/3/11 dated 06.12.1974

Subject: Implementation of the Recommendations of the Visual Sub-Committee.

6. Periodical re-examination of serving Railway Employees:

6.l. In order to ensure the continued ability of Railway employees in Classes A l, A 2, A 3, B l and B 2 to discharge their duties with safety, they will be required to appear for re-examination at the following stated intervals throughout their service as indicated below:

6.1.1. Classes A l, A 2 and A 3 —At the termination of every period of three years, calculated from the date of appointment until they attain the age of 45 years, and thereafter annually until the conclusion of their service.

Note: (l) The staff in categories A l, A 2 and A 3 should be sent for special medical examination in the interest of safety under the following circumstances unless they have been under the treatment of a Railway Medical Officer.

(a) Having undergone any treatment or operation for eye trouble irrespective of the duration of sickness.

(b) Absence from duty for a period in excess of 90 days.

(2) If any employee in medical category A has been periodically medically examined at any time within one year prior to his attaining the age of 45, his next medical examination should be held one year from the due date of the last medical examination and subsequent medical examination annually thereafter.

If, however, such an employee has been medically examined, at any time earlier, than one year prior to his attaining the age of 45, his next medical examination should be held on the date he attains the age of 45 and subsequent medical examination annually thereafter.

Ammendment: It was ammended in 1993 as below

Age Group PME Due

Age 00-45 every 4yrs

Age 45-55 every 2yrs

Age 55-60 every year
As per Rly Bd's Guideline of Medical Exam issued vide LNo. 88/H/5/12 dated 24-01-1993

a) PME would be done at the termination of every period of 4 years from date of appointment / Initial medical Exam till the date of attainment of age of 45 years, every 2 years upto 55 years & there after annual till retirement.
b) Employees who has been periodically examined at any time within 2years prior to his attaining the age of 45years would be examined after 2years from the date of last PME & subsequent PME for every 2years upto 55years age.Of

NRMU 4 you

6.1.2. Classes B-1 and B-2—On attaining the age of 45 years, and thereafter at the termination of every period of five years.