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India’s first 8-lane sea bridge in Mumbai to open Tuesday


India’s first 8-lane sea bridge in Mumbai to open Tuesday

MUMBAI - The Rs.1,600 crore (Rs.16 billion), 5.6-km Bandra-Worli Sea Link (BWSL), India’s first open 8-lane, cable-supported sea bridge that will reduce traffic congestion in this metro, will be inaugurated by Congress chief Sonia Gandhi Tuesday, an official said.
The BWSL inauguration will be held at the northern end of the sea bridge which joins Worli in south Mumbai with Bandra in north Mumbai, the official told IANS here Sunday.
A galaxy of leaders, including Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan, Deputy Chief Minister Chhagan Bhujbal, central ministers Sharad Pawar, Vilasrao Deshmukh, Sushilkumar Shinde, Praful Patel, state ministers, legislators and parliamentarians shall attend the inaugural.
In construction for over 10 years, the new link between the southern island city and the northwest suburbs will be an alternative to the existing Mahim Causeway.
Currently, a daily traffic volume of over 1.4 million vehicles causes massive traffic snarls, especially during the morning-evening peak hours.
The distance of 8 km between Bandra and Worli currently takes 60-90 minutes to cover during the morning-evening peak hours.
“After BWSL becomes operational Tuesday, this travel time will reduce to barely six-eight minutes. It will also entail savings in vehicular operating costs (VOC) of over Rs.1 billion a year,” an official of the Maharashtra State Roads Development Corporation (MSRDC) said.
The chief attraction of the magnificent structure would be the two cable-stayed bridges, one 500 metres long (northern side) and another 350 metres long (southern side), for the passage of fishing boats.
The bridge rests on two towers, each 126 metres tall or equivalent to a 43-storeyed building.
MSRDC has plans to provide a viewers’ gallery at the top of the towers which would offer a bird’s eye glimpse of the entire city.
There is a modern, automated, 16-lane toll plaza at the southern end, and the bridge has been equipped with sophisticated security and monitoring systems.
Executed by Hindustan Construction Company over a period of more than 10 years, the MSRDC’s project suffered a long delay of five years owing to various hiccups. The company will also maintain the bridge for the next five years.
The public sector giant, Steel Authority of India Ltd (SAIL), has provided almost two-thirds of the steel used in building the link.
The BWSL has gobbled up a total of nearly 22,235 tonnes of steel of which SAIL’s share is pegged at over 13,780 tonnes, according to a senior SAIL official.
“The steel is of the best quality and has come from our integrated plants. All the steel rods, if laid in a straight row, would measure almost 3,000 kilometres or the breadth of India,” the SAIL official said.
Although the bridge is designed for speeding at 100 km per hour, initially the MSRDC plans to impose a 50 km per hour speed limit to enable motorists to get used to the bridge and prevent accidents. Two lanes are proposed to be reserved exclusively for buses and heavy vehicles.

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...But, dear, dear, where is Mamata?

...But, dear, dear, where is Mamata?

After the Aila devastation, she was the first to rush to the cyclone affected areas pre-empting any relief action by the state government. After she had gained centre stage and made the Left Front ministers look like lame ducks who shied away from cyclone waters, and used all her powers and resources to execute a perfect relief operation on a war-footing, Mamata Banerjee, who would have us believe that Bengal is first and last on her agenda, is now nowhere to be seen.

She is, you see, railways minister and she has a Budget at hand. In other words, she is too busy for Bengal now though she may be in Kolkata and mouthing the usual vitriol against the CPI (M).  But, is this the time for all this politics; that the CPI (M) is to be blamed for the rise of the Maoists and that the Trinamool is not in any way connected to what is happening out there? Is this the time to drive the last nail when the chief minister's coffin is anyway sealed and ready? Is this the politics that she talks of which has a 'human face'?

And so what if Lalgarh reminds us of those terror days when we were kids and the Naxalites organised killing fields throughout the state in the early Seventies? And what about all those six ministers who were despatched all over the Aila areas in the wake of the storm? They are in Delhi too, may be helping Didi make up her mind on the Budget. Which ticket to cost how much, whether we should have biryani on the Howrah-Delhi Rajdhani or may be, it's time we thought of a new train to the Sunderbans where if you showed an Aila card, you could travel for free. Something, anything which will make the big Bengali papers and TV channels sing Khaled's chartbuster "Didi, Didi", may be, even invite Usha Utthup for a charity show with this song as the theme. Oh, Didi loves Usha-di, you must know!

In short, the chief Opposition party is nowhere to be seen when they were most wanted. Bengal is crying for help now. We are tired of terror. Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya is grasping at any straw that he can manage to catch sight of. Even his detractors in the party and Front are with him in this hour of acute crisis. Now, when all political parties are required to sit and chalk out a plan to finish these Maoists to the last man, Didi has not even made a single conciliatory gesture, let alone visiting the Lalgarh area or sending her ministers.

We understand that no legitimate body rules Lalgarh any longer, let alone the Trinamool, which was never a force there. But surely, if the Aila was important enough for her to take oath in Kolkata instead of Delhi, surely Lalgarh, which may result in worst calamity in the long run, deserved at a least a dekho by Didi.

But she is content in Delhi and forgets now that she had promised that she would spend five days of a working week in Kolkata and look after our problems in this wretched city of dreadful nights. But the dreadful nights are already taking shape again. Aila was made by nature; nobody except some other power could resolve the problem.

Here, the Maoists are men, some even boys, and they are holding a state to ransom. The Railways Budget could have been handled by her babus for just a day. Mamata, we all expected, would call Chhatradhar Mahato's bluff and being the lady of fire that she is portrayed to be, we hoped that she, along with her six ministers, would tour the ravaged forests and Lalgarh town bargaining for peace or meet fire with her brand of fire, now added with power.

But no, Aila brings tears; Maoists, contrarily, are harbingers of revolution. There are no drowning men and women, no bricks as pillows on embankments, no tides threatening to wash everything away. The hungry tides of the Sunderbans beckons politicians for more reason than mere whetting the appetites of the poor; the Maoists have just the opposite effect.

They give good reason to be perfect pawns in a larger game of Opposition non-participation and staying busy so that Buddhadeb suffers that extra more. And may be, given just one more round of police firing after the tragedy of Nandigram in 2007, be forced to resign. Act V, Scene V. Applause from the Trinamool benches. Encore, please.

There are more things in heaven and earth than our politics can dream of, our Didi should be told.

Today, we heard Home Minister P. Chidambaram take a pot-shot at Buddhadeb and tell newsmen, not without a smirk, that there seemed to be a division within the state government over the operation in Lalgarh and its timing. Yes, in Kolkata, we know there is.

Buddhadeb is not exactly a man who is loved by everybody in his own team but what is worse is that here, he has proven yet again that he is a weaker man, a man who compares shoddily with his predecessor, Jyoti Basu. He cannot take a decision if that means asking the CRPF to open fire. And fire they have to anyway because the Maoists out there are not exactly readying and arming themselves to the teeth wondering how to play a game of thieves and robbers. It's a crucial decision, a decision which boys cannot take but men just have to.

But everybody knows one thing for sure. If there is single round of firing in Lalgarh and one man dies as a result, all hell will break loose and Mamata Banerjee will be the first person along with her six-man entourage to rush to Lalgarh sympathising with the mother, wife and sister of the victim and asking for Buddhadeb's head. And the CM will then have to resign. He just does not have any epilogue option left in this novel or drama, depending on which sort of genre you fashion Lalgarh as.

But, dear Didi, politics is not always expediency. It is also a time when all parties, irrespective of the fact that you want to gouge the other man's eyes out during the talks across the table, have to meet and thrash out a solution. Bengal is in danger. Forget the chief minister. Visit Lalgarh with your team.  Make those men with bows and arrows see reason. Show the world that you do not have politics in mind when innocent women and children are being used as shields. And, finally, go out there before the chief minister does so and yet again prove that you are the girl who has grown up to be woman. You have a voice now which is pan-Indian. All of us applauded when you played supermom after Aila.

Now we want you to play Terminator. And please don't say you don't have the dates.


तणावमुक्तीचा मार्ग उलगडला!

तणावमुक्तीचा मार्ग उलगडला!


'मानसिक एकाग्रता आणि तणावाचे निर्मुलन या विषयावर शेखर कुंटे यांचे व्याखान शुक्रवारी दादर येथील शारदाश्रम विद्यामंदीर मध्ये होते. यावेळी दाखविलेल्या मनशांतीच्या विविध क्रिया. व नागरिकांचा उत्स्फुतर् सहभाग (प्रशांत चव्हाण सकाळ छायाचित्र सेवा)

'सकाळ'च्या उपक्रमाला उदंड प्रतिसाद
मुंबई - जगण्याच्या प्रत्येक टप्प्यावर क्षणोक्षणी जाणवणाऱ्या स्पर्धेत सगळेच पार गुरफटून गेले आहेत. त्यामुळे तणाव नसलेली व्यक्ती मिळणे विरळाच. या ताणातून मुक्ती मिळू शकेल काय, हाच आजच्या पिढीचा प्रश्‍न आहे. या प्रश्‍नावर तोडगा देऊन जनसामान्यांचे जीवन सुसह्य करण्यासाठी "सकाळ' आणि "विद्या संस्कार संस्थे'ने शुक्रवारी (ता. 26) प्रसिद्ध संमोहनतज्ज्ञ प्रा. शेखर कुंटे यांचे "मानसिक एकाग्रता आणि तणावाचे निर्मूलन' या विषयावर व्याख्यान आयोजित केले होते. मुंबईतीलच नव्हे तर मुंबईबाहेरूनही अनेक पालक-पाल्यांनी या कार्यक्रमाला उपस्थिती लावून तणावमुक्तीचा आनंद घेतला.
मुळात तणाव हा नसतोच, तो आपण निर्माण करीत असतो. आपणच आपले मन नकाराच्या अवस्थेत नेत असतो. सगळ्यांचे मन एकाच प्रकारचे असते. त्यामुळे ते एकाच प्रकारच्या ताणतणावांना सामोरे जाते. म्हणून तणावांवरचे उपायही समानच असतात, अशी सुरुवात करून प्रा. शेखर कुंटे यांनी उपस्थितांना प्रयोगाद्वारे ताण नसलेल्या अवस्थेत नेले. प्रयोगाशिवाय ताण मुळात का येतो व आलाच तर त्यावर तातडीने कशी मात करता येते, हेही त्यांनी सांगितले. तणावाचा आणि ऍण्ड्रालिनीन स्रावाचा जवळचा संबंध असतो. म्हणून ऍण्ड्रालिनीन कमी करणे म्हणजे तणावरहित होणे. ज्या वेळी ताण येतो, त्या वेळी मेंदूला ऑक्‍सिजनची अधिक गरज असते. अशा वेळी ऍण्ड्रालिनीनचा प्रवाह कसा कमी करता येईल, याचे प्रयत्न केले पाहिजेत. त्यासाठी त्यांनी उपस्थितांना काही सोपे मार्ग सांगितले. पाच ते आठ वर्षे वयातील मुले आनंदमयी कोषात असतात. हा लहानपणाचा आनंद मनाच्या सुप्त कोशात अडकलेला असतो. तणावाचे दुसरे टोक म्हणजे आनंद असतो. म्हणून आपण कल्पनेने त्या सुंदर वयाच्या काळातील प्रसन्न घटनांच्या आठवणीत गेलो आणि त्याला संगीताची जोड मिळाली की आनंदासह तणावमुक्तीचा कसा सुखद अनुभव घेता येतो, याचे प्रात्यक्षिकही प्रत्येक उपस्थिताने केले. काही काळ गतायुष्यातील रम्य वातावरणात संगीताच्या साथीने रमल्यावर मन कसे हलकेफुलके आणि प्रसन्न होते, याचा प्रत्यय प्रत्येकाला आला. याशिवाय, मनाची एकाग्रता कशी विकसित करता येते, याचाही अनुभव उपस्थितांनी घेतला. मुलांच्या शाळा-कॉलेजांतील परीक्षेच्या वेळी या प्रयोगांचा आम्हाला चांगला फायदा होईल, असा विश्‍वासही उपस्थित पालकांनी या शिबिरानंतर व्यक्त केला.

Railways gear up to take on water crisis

Railways gear up to take on water crisis

Worried about water shortage due to deficient rainfall, the Railway Board has asked all zonal railways to submit their contingency plans.
The Railway Board’s Land and Amenities Directorate, which deals with the supply of water to stations, trains and railway colonies, has written a letter to all zonal headquarters, asking them to furnish details of their plans to ensure smooth supply of water in their respective areas.
“We don’t organise supply of water directly from New Delhi. It is done by the zonal offices. But, as we are getting reports about delayed monsoon, we are worried about supply of water in trains and other places. So, we have asked our zonal offices to let us know about their contingency plans,” said a directorate official.
There are 8,241 railway stations in the country as of March 2008. But, Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee and railway brass are worried, because out of these, 962 stations belong to Northern Railway and fall in areas where delayed monsoon has already translated into water crisis.
According to the railways’ estimate, a 22-coach long-distance passenger train requires 40,000 litres of water during its average journey time of 18 hours. New Delhi station alone requires more than 6 million litres of water for daily consumption.
Apart from the trains, the railways also maintain more than 65,000 staff quarters all over India. The supply there is also managed by the directorate.
Rail Bhawan, the ministry’s headquarters, has got reports about water scarcity in key North Indian stations like Varanasi Cantonment and Allahabad. In New Delhi, the railways have three rain-fed wells. But it depends on the Delhi Jal Board (DJB) for almost 60 per cent of its water needs in stations and other establishments. In Varanasi, the total demand is 300,000 litres for the Cantonment station, 200,000 litres for railway colonies and 50,000 litre for other attached stations.

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Ministry of Railways Clarifies on withdrawal of temporary stoppages of certain trains in East Central Railway


PIB Press Release
On 1st June, 2009, around 300-400 agitators gathered at Khusropur station between Fatuha-Patna section on Danapur Division of East Central Railway(ECR) and torched an empty AC Chair Car coach attached to Train No. 3226 Dn there after detraining the passengers. The agitators were protesting against the cancellation of stoppage of 2391/2392 Shramjivi Express at Khusropur. The mob later set on fire the empty coaches of 543 passengers running between Rajgir and Danapur in a similar fashion. No casualty or injury was reported in the incident.
In this connection, it is clarified that 33 temporary stoppages were earlier given by the local Zonal Railway administration of East Central Railway (ECR), Hajipur at different stations in response to public request and the stoppage at Khusropur is one of these. On 26th May, 2009 a Notification was issued by ECR to the effect that these stoppage, which were of temporary and experimental nature, were being withdrawn by the Zonal Railway because these stoppages were not found to be commercially justified.
It is clarified that the decision of withdrawal of temporary stoppages was taken by the Zonal Railway without the approval of the Ministry of Railways. No directives for withdrawal of these stoppages were given by the Minister of Railways. In view of the public sentiments, the Minister of Railways has however, directed that these temporary stoppages which were withdrawn by ECR, be restored with immediate effect.

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Railway Board has to cancel four tests : UP police

Railway Board asked to cancel four tests by UP police

The Hindu News Update Service
Lucknow (PTI) The Railway Board has been asked by Uttar Pradesh police to cancel four of its tests held recently in different parts of the country following a series of arrests in connection with leakage of question papers.
"Based on the report of the Special Task Force, which busted the paper leak racket, the state police had sent a letter a member of the Railway Board A K Goel with a recommendation to cancel four examinations held earlier this year," Additional Director General of Police, UP, Brij Lal told PTI on Thursday.
The examinations were conducted on December 16, January 18, February 8 and February 15.
He said the UP police had concrete evidence that the question papers of all the four examination, including one conducted by Ajmer Railway Recruitment Board in February, were leaked.
"We sent a detailed report to the railway board on April 8, which included a CD containing conversation between the members of the racket based in Bihar," he said.
On February 15, as many as 109 persons including 15 gang members, were arrested from different places in Bhopal and Jaipur on a tip off from the UP Police.
The written test for the post of assistant station master by the RRB Ajmer was to be held on the same day.

A lot of defect need to be removed from railway system and action from Railway Board New Delhi Required.

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Railways suffers huge loss due to misuse of free passes

Railways suffers huge loss due to misuse of free passes

PATNA: Gallantry award winners, MPs and freedom fighters enjoy facilities of free railway passes. They are entitled to travel in AC-2 and AC-3 classes with one attendant each in any train. Since the number of journeys is not limited for them, they can avail themselves of free journey as many times as they wish in one calendar year on free railway passes.
Detection of misuse of free railway passes allegedly by many of them has, however, put the railways in a very tight spot. Cases of passengers impersonating as freedom fighters or gallantry award winners came to light during an intensive ticket checking drive undertaken recently by the Railway Board vigilance sleuths across the country.
According to sources, a former MP booked his ticket on three different trains for the same destination on the same day. An IPS officer serving with the railways booked two berths from two successive stations for the same destination on his privileged free railway pass with a view to getting a coupe for himself. A fake freedom fighter was found travelling in the AC-2 class in a premier train from Patna Junction, sources said.
These are the glaring instances of gross misuse of free railway passes by these privileged persons. During a massive ticket checking drive conducted recently across the country, it was found that gallantry pass holders alone accounted for travelling worth Rs 1.5 crore every day in the country. Needless to say about freedom fighters undertaking journey by trains almost every day, said a Railway Board official, adding this malaise has been more prevalent in UP and Bihar.
A ticket checking squad was recently stunned to find several police officials travelling as attendants along with their constables on the free passes issued to gallantry award winners. “The squad reported the matter to the vigilance wing of the board, a senior official of the board said.
According to Railway Board sources, the board cancelled about two dozen free railway passes of freedom fighters following complaints against them regarding alleged misuse of free passes.
According to railway vigilance reports, several freedom fighters or gallantry award winners are reportedly carrying fake attendants on free railway passes. “Unless the railways initiates stern steps to check fraudulent misuse of free passes by these people, it would continue to suffer a huge revenue loss every year,” a board official said.

A lot of defect need to be removed from railway system and action from Railway Board New Delhi Required.

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Mumbai railway cop shoots colleague after squabble

Mumbai railway cop shoots colleague after squabble

Mumbai, June 28 (IANS) A Railway Police Force (RPF) constable shot dead his colleague following a squabble here Sunday, police said.
The shooting occurred at the RPF barracks near the suburban Bandra railway station.
“Constable Shivram Sharma and his colleague Udayan Singh had a loud argument over some unknown issue Sunday morning. In a fit of rage, Sharma grabbed Singh’s service rifle and pumped six bullets into him,” a police officer said.
Udayan Singh was rushed to a nearby hospital in a critical condition but was dead on arrival.
Sharma has been arrested on charges of murder and investigations are underway to determine the motive behind the shooting, the police officer added.

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MAMTA burning midnight oil in formulating the Budget, Lalu through his men still rules Railways

Mamta burning midnight oil in formulating the Budget, Lalu through his men still rules Railways

New Delhi : While Minister for Railways Ms. Mamta Benerjee has taken over as the Cabinet Minister for Railways in the new UPA Government, RJD supremo and former Minister for Railways Lalu Prasad Yadav’s writ still runs in the Ministry of Railways corridors through his hand picked loyal officers. These officers are occupying important key positions supposed to be filled up after ACC (Appointment committee of Cabinet)’s approval.

However, since these officers were not fulfilling the norms of seniority and suitability required for these positions, DPC (Departmental Promotion Committee), which interalia included Secretary/DOPT & Chairman Rly. Board, could not recommended the names of Lalu’s loyals during Lalu’s regime.

However, Lalu did not care for the ACC’s approval and issued local orders posting them having no legal or administrative sanctity as these orders were in violation of ACC guidelines.

The blatant disregard to ACC guidelines occurred when the key post of Secretary/Rly. Board fell vacant with superannuation of Shri Mathew John, Secretary /Rly. Board, on 31st December. Lalu posted Sh.K.B.L.Mittal as Secretary/Rly. Board without seeking ACC’s approval and in sheer disregard to DPC’s recommended panel of senior and eligible officers.

Shri Mittal has been known as Lalu’s very much loyal man while working as DRM/ Danapur/ECR and thereafter was rewarded with coveted assignments of EDME (Traction) in the Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) and CME/Northern Rly.

The story does not end here, Shri Mittal was hand picked by Lalu again to award Rs 1000 crore tender for the new wheel factory proposed at Chhapra. In an unprecedented manner, Shri Arun Bhagra, Chief Administrative Officer, Rail Wheel Factory, Chhapra (CAO/RWF/CHP) was shunted out unceremoniously and Shri Mittal was posted as CAO/RWF/CHP for 3 months while keeping CME/NR’s post vacant.

Shri Mittal awarded Rs.1000 crore tender and came back as CME/NR. However, the next reward came sooner than later when he was posted as Secretary/Rly. Board superseding many seniors and against DPC’s recommended panel without ACC’s approval.

Shri Mittal also played a crucial role in moving a proposal for providing a lifetime Platinum pass for the former Minister FOR Rlys, withholding the fact that in the past Court had struck down a similar move initiated in Ramvilas Paswan’s regime in response to a PIL.

It is also a fact that Shri Mittal had a chequered career and has always been under cloud for his professional competence and personality traits. At one point of time he was not even cleared by the Board for the position of DRM on account of his performance below the bench mark. However, the officer leveraged his industry connections and could get his name included in the next DRM panel, sources in the Railway Ministry revealed.

While Rly. Miniater Ms. Mamta Benerjee is burning midnight oil in formulating Budget proposals, Lalu and his hand picked men in railway ministry are ruling the Railways.

It is a fact that the cabinet minister can only post the seniormost and suitable officer temporarily for 3 months only on a post requiring ACC approval. However, not only Shri K. B. L. Mittal was posted as Secretary/Rly. Board in violation of DPC recommendations and ACC guidelines, the officer has been unauthorisedly continuing to hold the charge of Secretary/Rly. Board for the last 6 months.

Shri Mittal is enjoying his half a month long summer vacation in Spain on an official foreign jaunt since 20th june whereas honest and senior officers recommended for the post of Secretary/Rly. Board look up to Ms. Mamta Benerjee, who is known for delivering justice.

Now it is for Mamta to take note of these happenings, clean up the mess left over by his predecessor and thus bring in transparency and deliver justice.

Indian Railway Ticket Reservation Through SMS

Indian Railway Ticket Reservation Through SMS

IRCTC also offers rail reservation through mobiles using Speech recognition, GPRS and CDMA technologies available on various mobile Operators. IRCTC also introduced the simplest way to book your Railway ticket using just two SMS messages (Short Messaging Service). This service is introduced with the following mobile operators across the India.

IDEA Cellular – Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi & NCR

MTNL /Delhi – Delhi & NCR

Reliance Infocomm – All circles

Other operators like BSNL, Hutch,MTNL-Mumbai and Tata Indicom will soon integration with Indian Railway for SMS booking.

How to Book Tickets using SMS

In order to book rail tickets using SMS, the following are a must:

The user needs to be registered with and opted to use the mobile reservation services.

User should have created at least one “Passenger List” in his profile registered with IRCTC. This list will be used for the SMS booking process.

The customer has to be registered for the Mobile Banking services of ICICI Bank (Other banks will be integrated soon)

The user must have a mobile connection with any one of the operators listed above (more operators are also being added.)

The entire process of “book ticket” can be done through two SMS messages, using IRCTC’s short code 7245

How to Register?

You need to sign up in in order to avail this service. The User has to select “mobile booking” option in the profile / registration page to avail all types of Mobile Booking facilities including SMS booking. The user needs to input mobile number, mobile operator, and preferred payment option (At present ICICI Bank only). ICICI Bank will be charging Rs 10 for this service for each booking. You will need to be registered to the “Mobile Shopping Service” provided by ICICI Bank and enter the ‘mShop Name’ through SMS.

For more details please visit IRCTC Mobile Booking web page.

Service Provided Operators


PNR Alert Service on 7245

Ticket Reservation through R-World( Payment through Credit Cards)

SMS Booking on 7245


PNR Alert Service on 7245

Voice Based Ticket Reservation on 456( Payment through Credit Cards)

SMS Booking on 7245

MTNL Delhi

PNR Alert Service on 7245

SMS Booking on 7245

MTNL Mumbai

PNR Alert Service on 7245


PNR Alert Service on 7245

Voice Based Ticket Reservation on 123( Payment through Credit Cards)

GPRS Based Ticket Reservation( Payment through Credit Cards)


PNR Alert Service on 7245

Voice Based Ticket Reservation on 12900( Payment through Credit Cards)


PNR Alert Service on 7245

Already registered users of can use their existing user id and password to log in and transact through Hutch / Idea/ Tata Indicom / Reliance handsets.

First time users can avail the registration facility offered by the mobile operator or visit and use the normal registration form.

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Privileged railway passes-Right to Information

Privileged railway passes

Union Railway Minister has imposed restrictions on foreign-tours b Railway Officials. Earlier she had shown her determination to save railway-funds by withdrawing free life-time railway-pass granted by Lalu Prasad Yadav to himself during his tenure as Railway Minister in a care-taker government.

But documents received through an RTI petition disclosed that as per Railway Board’s letter D.O.No. E(W)/94/PS/5-1/5 dated 28.05.1996 not only Chairperson and members of Railway Board have facility to travel in First-Class Air-Conditioned/Executive classes of all trains including even Shatabdi Express on their privilege-passes, but even their spouses and family-members are entitled to travel on privilege-passes even if the concerned Chairperson/member is not accompanying these family-member! What more, not only the retired chairperson/members of Railway Board but even their spouses enjoy to travel in first-class air-conditioned/executive classes of all trains without paying any difference in fares, even after retirement from Railway Board.

Mamta Banerjee should order study of all such princely facilities enjoyed by members of Railway Board to withdraw the same to save hard-earned tax-payers’ money on princely privileges for members and families of Railway Board.


(Guinness Record Holder for most letters in newspapers & RTI Activist)

1775 Kucha Lattushah

Dariba DELHI 110006 (India)

Mobile 9810033711 Fax 23254036



Sitting on a box of centuries old detonator & fugee , Railway Board is under the illusion that their train system are so perfect that improvement cannot even be discussed.
Action from Railway Board New Delhi Required.

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RRB Allahabad Results 2009-Asstt. Loco Pilot (Elect/DSL), Cat 31

RRB Allahabad Results 2009

Asstt. Loco Pilot (Elect/DSL), Cat 31


Result of Aptitude Test : On the basis of Main Written Exam conducted on 7/12/2008 & Psycho

Aptitude test held from 2/2/09 to 7/2/09 for the post of Asstt. Loco Pilot (Elect/DSL), Cat 31 of Employment Notice no. 1/2008 candidates with following Roll Nos. have provisionally been found suitable for being called for Document verification to be held in the office of Railway Recruitment Board, Opposite to GM, N.C.Rly building, Subedarganj, Allahabad at 09.00 hrs as per schedule indicated below :

Date of Document verification : 15/04/2009

31203072 31202885 31202853 31201874 31202796 31202408 31201754 31200616 31200471 31200502

31200804 31202896 31200683 31203027 31200733 31201724 31202188 31203046 31202187 31200941

31202513 31201002 31201397 31201802 31202700 31203130 31202255 31202533 31201669 31200575

31202091 31202203 31202605 31202424 31200712 31201543 31200546 31201771 31202088 31203154

31202810 31202609 31200623 31202213 31202210 31200948 31201721 31201631 31202002 31200839

(Fifty only)

Date of Document verification : 17/04/2009

31200043 31202779 31202398 31200125 31202899 31203297 31200954 31201829 31202301 31202678

31201653 31200769 31201988 31201839 31200869 31200472 31200037 31200971 31200420 31202641

31200979 31202205 31200503 31202228 31200179 31201341 31202521 31202927 31203118 31202740

31202747 31200812 31200228 31202299 31202517 31201019 31202936 31202780 31202545 31202583

31200006 31203003 31201700 31201167 31202324 31201179 31200539 31200165 31201825 31200988

(Fifty only)

Date of Document verification : 18/04/2009

31202450 31200256 31201845 31202337 31200953 31202016 31202721 31200219 31201284 31201684

31203246 31201982 31200431 31200291 31201580 31202399 31201392 31200101 31203096 31203000

31203253 31201720 31201242 31202448 31200134 31200757 31202508 31200754 31200410 31201646

31200917 31200096 31202384 31200638 31201178 31200775 31202856 31202477 31200074 31202291

31202305 31202434 31200322 31201562 31201961 31202271 31200141 31200566 31201476 31202455

(Fifty only)

Date of Document verification : 20/04/2009

31201138 31203273 31200393 31203282 31200146 31201794 31200834 31201938 31200527 31202485

31201877 31200342 31202866 31202168 31202492 31202610 31203133 31201240 31201882 31200459

31203221 31202148 31203054 31202685 31203081 31201058 31202237 31202250 31200532 31200474

31203053 31202469 31201746 31200702 31200771 31200419 31202811 31200595 31201224 31200910

31200112 31201136 31202719 31202488 31200928 31202634 31202446 31201968 31202612 31201134

(Fifty only)

Date of Document verification : 21/04/2009

31201208 31200960 31202575 31202330 31202735 31201399 31201994 31202895 31202888 31200560

31201615 31200526 31201278 31201119 31202579 31202923 31202318 31200414 31201843 31202109

31201047 31201128 31200258 31202535 31201001 31200013 31203122 31203052 31203167 31201334

31201225 31202777 31200792 31202725 31201066 31200721 31200516 31202787 31200463 31200781

31200344 31203087 31200856 31201763 31202705 31202042 31202802 31201678 31202142 31202256

(Fifty only)

Date of Document verification : 27/04/2009

31200761 31202646 31203234 31201130 31202617 31200275 31202386 31201029 31200821 31200935

31201103 31202244 31201896 31202829 31202672 31200081 31200330 31202267 31202671 31202756

31201417 31202642 31202568 31202047 31200949 31202604 31200397 31201578 31201109 31200800

31202916 31203021 31200610 31201813 31202071 31201701 31201196 31202143 31201475 31201489

31203064 31200482 31202863 31202165 31200262 31201554 31200585 31200092 31201875 31202881

(Fifty only)

Date of Document verification : 28/04/2009

31200996 31201285 31202235 31200521 31202990 31202409 31200148 31201308 31200304 31202614

31201563 31200813 31200509 31200843 31202832 31202056 31201863 31203068 31203160 31200252

31200723 31200308 31200234 31200003 31202883 31202752 31200486 31202674 31201748 31200447

31201287 31200245 31201698 31202903 31200799 31201097 31202831 (Thirty Seven only)

In addition to the above, candidates bearing following roll numbers are provisionally called for “Verification of Certificates & Genuineness of Candidature” (AS WAIT LISTED CANDIDATES). These 30% additional candidates are being called as wait listed over & above the number of vacancies primarily to avoid shortfall in the panel due to absenteeism of selected candidates etc. if any. It should be noted by the candidates of following Roll nos. that merely calling for the “Verification of documents & Genuineness of candidature” does not in any way, entitle them for an empanelment/appointment in Railways.

Date of Document verification : 29/04/2009

31202809 31201449 31201098 31201654 31200677 31202482 31200254 31202020 31202753 31201688

31203061 31202111 31201237 31202841 31202586 31200500 31201640 31202509 31201533 31202206

31202082 31201773 31202900 31200180 31202174 31200264 31202854 31200557 31201420 31200261

31202147 31200872 31200384 31203143 31202367 31202765 31202718 31201364 31201692 31202727

31200085 31200004 31200620 31202122 31201465 31201083 31203108 31200670 31202549 31202311

(Fifty only)

Date of Document verification : 01/05/2009

31200162 31201502 31200964 31200035 31200720 31203092 31202720 31201239 31201679 31200452

31201263 31201925 31202792 31202630 31200389 31201398 31201231 31200955 31200129 31201452

31200424 31201976 31200473 31202882 31202921 31202417 31202156 31200875 31202944 31203235

31200235 31202400 31203144 31202738 31203263 31203020 31201792 31202138 31200170 31202577

31200186 31201627 31200354 31203030 31202051 31200645 31202368 31200388 31201564 31202218

31202068 (Fifty One only)

Call letters are being sent to the Candidates by registered post, but even in case of non-receipt of

intimation by post, candidates are hereby directed to report on the specified date. Candidates must bring their original certificates in support of their date of birth, qualification, caste etc in original along with attested/self attested copies & 2 recent photographs. The OBC Certificates must have the non-belonging in creamy layer clause as per the specified proforma. Candidates must ensure that their names, names of their fathers and other particulars in their original certificates must match with entries made in their application form. SC/ST/OBC candidates must also ensure that the address mentioned in their caste certificates must tally with the entries of permanent address made by them in their application forms.

While every care has been taken in preparing the above result, the possibility of inadvertent errors can not be ruled out. The Board reserves the right to rectify the same later on.

Results/notices also available on RRB/Allahabad website & Help line tele no. 0532-2222585

Sitting on a box of centuries old detonator & fugee , Railway Board is under the illusion that their train system are so perfect that improvement cannot even be discussed.

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Public spearheads CBI's war against corruption

Public spearheads CBI's war against corruption


Mumbai: The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has been cracking the whip on corrupt babus for the past couple of months, literally. Senior CBI officials attribute the growing number of bribe traps to an initiative taken by them, seeking greater public participation.

The CBI has publicised its telephone numbers in places like railway platforms, bus stops and market areas, encouraging the common man to speak up on corruption. And many did, particularly youngsters. They called in or sent SMSes to the sleuths if they spotted corruption, resulting in an increased number of traps.

"More than 60% of the complaints lodged in the past six months were youngsters, aged between 18 and 35 years," said a senior CBI official, requesting anonymity. Most of those tipped off the CBI about corruption by railway officials, bribes being demanded by senior-level taxmen and other government officials.

"Publicising our numbers and assuring confidentiality to the complainants boosted public faith. We are encouraged in receiving so many calls," added the officer.

In fact, two months ago, a vendor who shuttles between Mumbai and Surat was forcibly confined by the station master in Andheri as he refused to cough up a bribe of Rs6,000. He spotted the CBI number on one of the hoardings and immediately called up the agency, which then laid a trap.

On an average, the CBI receives three calls a week. After receiving tip offs, CBI teams work on them, keeping keen watch before taking appropriate actions. In the past five months, the CBI trapped some 25 corrupt officials. Officials said that the figure was high in comparison to last year, when in all 30 cases were registered.

Senior CBI officials felt that with more and more corruption cases being registered, the public's perception is slowly changing for the better.

Article Source:

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WR, CR work on more legroom in new trains

WR, CR work on more legroom in new trains


MUMBAI: Coming as relief to thousands of first-class commuters, who have been complaining of lack of legroom between seats in the new

Siemens-MRVC rakes, both Central and Western railways have started modifying the seating arrangement to provide for more space.

With the railways being flooded with passengers’ complaining that they find it difficult to stand between seats and cannot even use the luggage racks, the CR has already completed work on one train. The WR will put the first modified rake on track within the next 10 days.

“More than 100 SMS complaint messages have come in since May 8. The WR has written to the integral coach factory to re-engineer the seating arrangement (seat design and material). The legroom has been increased by 6 inches,’’ said WR chief spokesperson S S Gupta. The height of the seats has also been increased to 16 inches.

The work is being conducted at the Mahalaxmi workshop. “Once the seats are rearranged, feedback will be sought from commuters on the modification. Based on their comments changes will be made to the other trains,’’ Gupta added. “Modification in each coach will cost Rs 2.5 lakh.’’

CR chief spokesperson S C Mudgerikar said the first modified rake has already been put on tracks on an experimental basis. The remaining 16 new trains will be modified and made fuctional in the next three months. “The problem has cropped up as the doors in the new rakes are wider. The seating is now realigned to give commuters more comfort without changing the door dimensions,’’ Mudgerikar said.

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Bullet trains not viable in India

'Bullet trains not viable in India'

Mumbai: Indian Railways had planned to lay dedicated high speed passenger corridors on five of its routes including the Mumbai-Pune section to reduce travel time and increase the speed of passenger trains, but after several deliberations, senior railway officials claim that this is not a workable proposition.

Rakesh Chopra, general manager of Southern Railway said, "It sounds good to have a high speed rail corridor to showcase the country as one of the progressive nations, but the ground reality is that with the introduction of high speed trains on a particular route, the number of normal trains operated will reduce."

"To accommodate a high speed train, almost three to four sections ahead will have to be kept vacant for the speedy movement of this train. Instead, there can be more trains carrying a larger number of people," said a senior railway official.

Another official said that trespassing across unmanned railway crossings will act as a speed breaker for high speed trains.

At a two-day international technical seminar on high speed corridors on Thursday, senior railway officials came together to discuss whether or not it is possible to increase the speed of long-distance trains and reduce the travel time.

"Merely talking about high speed corridors on the basis of its progress in the international scenario is not a healthy sign. The transportation pattern here is peculiar and can not be matched with any other country," said the official.

The average speed of the Mumbai-New Delhi Shatabdi Express is 90 kmph and in some sections, the train manages to touch 120 kmph. Officials said if this has to be increased further, a lot of infrastructural work will have to be undertaken.

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Demonstration at Hubli on 16.06.09

Demonstration at Hubli on 16.06.09

Sub: - unjust penal action against loco running staff of Hubli division- reg.
The Railway Board instruction regarding handling of mobile phone on duty is to be kept in switched off or in silent mode.
The call register of mobile phones gives the details of missed calls, when the hand set is not attended. This will help to make a call to those numbers later. Now a days people are connecting voice recorders and caller ID’s to all land phones even.
When the hand set is switched off, many models do not record the missed calls, but do so when kept in silent mode. That is why Railway Board has given the option for either making dead or kept in silent mode.
We wish to further point out that, the standing order in SBC and MYS divisions permits keeping mobile phones in silent mode. In Southern Railway, COM has given instruction to give SMS to inform running staff about the changes of traffic programs during on duty as decision of PNM.
While foot plating with Sri.M.Belu Naik, LP/Mail/UBL, Sr DME asked his mobile phone which was inside his bag. By seeing the mobile phone in ON condition ,Sr DME ordered to suspend the employee on arrival. In fact a mobile phone kept inside luggage box in silent mode will not cause any disturbance to crew or cause any accident. When that be the position, the over enthusiastic action of Sr.DME/P/UBL, in ordering suspension of Sri.M.Belu Naik, was really provoking .By hearing this injustice around 50 LP and ALP of Hubli division sent SMS to Sr DME that their mobile also in ON and he can suspend them also. After getting the SMS Sr DME withdraw the suspension, but initiated Show cause notice to selected 17 running staff. AILRSA All India Vice President Com. KAS Mani, General Secretary Com. Sunish intervened. In the reply to the Show cause notice all were expressed this and regretted for the incidence. But unfortunately Sr DME/P without considering the reply to show cause notice issued minor penalty charge memorandum to all the 17 running staff, stating threatening the officer.
Demanding to withdraw the fabricated charge sheets against 17 loco running staff of Hubli division and to highlight the following demands, AILRSA Hubli Division conducted a mass demonstration from crew booking lobby Hubli to Divisional Railway Manager’s Office Hubli on 16.06.09. The program was addressed by Sri C. Sunish, General Secretary, Sri SD Arnold, Zonal President, Sri Donal Raj, Zonal Vice President, Sri PK Sahoo,Divisional Organising Secretary.Later a Delegation met Divisional Railway Manager Sri Adesh Sharma and submitted a memorandum. He assured to consider our demands sympathetically.
Other Demands
1.Running Staff of Hubli depot is not getting Periodic Rest as per HOER,so we demand to grant PR or permit to avail CR.
2.Open new Crew depot at Belgaum,Gadag/Bijapur,and shift Castle rock depot to Vasco.
3.Modify the Cab ergonomics of WDG4/WDP4 locomotive to driver friendly. And avoid Long hood leading working for passenger service to ensure safety.
4.Identify and declare the handicapped sections under Hospet depots, and grant minimum guaranteed mileage.
5.Running staff resuming from leave and sick to be made 8.00 hours position instead of present 00.00 hours.
6. Publish seniority list of running staff.

Credit society election fever grips CR staff

Credit society election fever grips CR staff

NAGPUR: With two days to go for the polls to the Central Railway Employees Credit Cooperative Society, election fever has gripped the division

with poster war and campaigning reaching a crescendo. Across entire Central Railway, including some divisions now gone into other zonal railways, some 1.5 lakh employees will be casting their votes on June 18.

The society has mammoth turnover of Rs 800 crore in all nine divisions. In Nagpur division, 13,000 of the 16,000 employees are shareholders and eligible to vote. They will elect 25 members on the executive. Of these, 12 will be from Nagpur, four from Ballarshah, three from Amla, two each from Wardha and Ghodadongri, and one each from Pulgaon and Junnardeo.

The polls are simultaneously held every six years in the zone comprising Nagpur, Pune, Solapur, Bhusawal and Mumbai divisions and also newly carved divisions of Bhopal, Agra, Jhansi and Jabalpur. In all 298 members will be elected. For the first time, Congress faction has joined hands with Shiv Sena at the zonal level. In Nagpur division, four panels are contesting but the real fight is between National Railway Mazdoor Union (NRMU) and Central Railway Mazdoor Sangh (CRMS) allying with Rail Kamgar Sena (RKS). The two other organisations in fray include SC/ST Association and Madhya Railway Karmachari Sangh (MRKS) joining hands with some small groups.

Set up in 1913, the ECCS is part of the Indian Railways welfare measure for employees. It provides soft loans to the employees and also acts as a bank. Last year, CRMS had swept the society polls in Nagpur. However, this time there is a tough fight and both unions are confident of victory.

Divisional president of RKS Manoj Samarth said, "We are banking on the good work like lower interest rates and proposed expansion of the society branches. The Sena is contesting six seats while CRMS is contesting 19. In the polls held last year to get recognition, RKS had got 19,000 votes and CRMS 36,000 votes at the zonal level. If these votes are combined, we may win society polls comfortably. The alliance is getting good response during campaigning."

Last time, the CRMS had fought jointly with the SC/ST Association and had won 88 seats in the zone. Yet, NRMU had a majority at the zonal level. The NRMU is also leaving no stone unturned to secure a win. Its members were seen campaigning intensively going door to door and establishing personal contacts. A CRMS gate meeting was organised at DRM office on Monday.

Meanwhile, the personnel department has made all arrangements for the elections by setting up 20 booths in the entire division. In Nagpur and Ajni stations there will four and two polling booths respectively. Counting will be on June 19, sources informed.

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80% cast vote in CR employees body polls

80% cast vote in CR employees body polls

NAGPUR: Barring a stray incident of skirmish, 80% polling was recorded in the keenly-contested elections for the Central Railway Employees Credit
Cooperative Society in Nagpur division.
The Ajni loco shed, where Pradeep Aage, senior technician, was injured in clash between activists of Rail Kamgar Sena (RKS) and National Railway Mazdoor Union (NRMU), recorded highest polling of 89.33%. Wardha recorded lowest with 36.25%.
According to RKS, Aage was attacked by one Ravi and Rajendra Selukar, both affiliated to NRMU, when he was having tea outside the loco shed. They said Aage sustained head injuries following stone pelting and has been admitted to Government Medical College & Hospital (GMCH). A police complaint was lodged against the duo. The NRMU Ajni loco shed chief also lodged a counter complaint against the RKS activist.
CR PRO Suhas Lohkare informed that out of 15,391 members in the entire division, 10,556 cast their votes in 7 constituencies and 20 booths set up by the personnel department. Barring the Ajni incident, which he said took place outside the loco shed, polling went off peacefully. DRM A K Kapoor himself monitored the situation to ensure smooth polling, he added.
Both, the NRMU and the RKS-CRMS claimed their panels would sweep the polls. However, results would be known on June 19, when counting of votes will be taken up. The elections were held to choose 25 delegates from the division. Of these, 12 will be from Nagpur, Ballarshah (4), Amla (3), Wardha (2), Ghodadongri (2), and Pulgaon & Junnardeo 1 each.
The polls were keenly fought as high stakes are involved with the society having a combined turnover of over Rs 800 crore in nine divisions viz. Nagpur, Pune, Solapur, Bhusawal and Mumbai and Bhopal, Agra, Jhansi and Jabalpur. The tenure of the delegates will be for six years. Set up in 1913, the 95-year-old society is claimed to be one of the leading credit societies in Asia.

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Om my God! Duo wins promotion battle

Om my God! Duo wins promotion battle

MUMBAI: Two women railway clerks, who were denied promotion for having written "Om" on top of their departmental examination answer sheets, have won a battle for justice through legal—not divine—intervention after a year.
A Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) in Mumbai directed the railways to accommodate Swati Chitnis and Sujata Shinde, both senior clerks at Central Railway (CR), after holding that "invocation of divinity at the start of an enterprise or while assuming a high office is a universally adopted practice".
In the case before it, the CAT bench observed that the markings and writings (one of the sheet had 'Shree Swami Samarth' written on it) appear to be "sheer habitual invocation of divinity shorn of any ulterior motive". On Monday, the tribunal bench comprising Jog Singh and Sudhakar Mishtra directed Central Railway to promote them as it observed that the answer sheets had also been evaluated with no indication that the examiner had been prejudiced in any manner because of the markings on the sheet.
The women's lawyer, Sandeep Marne, said the women were challenging a June 2008 order denying them promotion despite having done "extremely well in the departmental competitive examination". They learnt through the Right To Information (RTI) Act that they were bypassed only because of the 'Om' on the answer sheets.
Marne said the 'Om' was only written out of religious belief to bring good luck and not to mislead or secure extra marks. The CR office, through advocate S C Dhavan, argued that all candidates were warned before the examination against making any kind of identification mark on the answer paper. The CR said, "What the women did was in violation of these instructions and their disqualification is justified. Such markings may disclose their identity and influence the examiner, defeating the purpose of fair play in selection." But the answer sheets had been evaluated.

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Tatkal scheme bags Rs 356-cr profit- It is actually an official racket.

Tatkal scheme bags Rs 356-cr profit- It is actually an official racket.

New Delhi, Dec 15: Railways has made a profit of more than Rs 300
crore alone from its Tatkal scheme of passengers reservation this

"The Railways earned Rs 356 crore from its Tatkal scheme this year
(October 2008). The profit is expected to go up," a senior ministry
official said.

The Tatkal (immediate) scheme of reservation was launched by
Railways a couple of years back. Under the scheme, passengers can
book their tickets five days in advance from the date of boarding by
paying additional charges.

In 2006-07, railways earned a Rs 207-crore profit as compared to Rs
396 crore in 2007-08 from the scheme. According to officials, Tatkal
booking opens at 8 am on five days before of actual date of journey
excluding date of the journey.

The ministry, apparently happy with the outcome of the scheme is
also planning to make service more user-friendly.

"The ministry is also considering to extend the number of counters
which issue Tatkal tickets, at major stations. It is also
considering to open such counters at different other locations," the
official said.

The Railway has recently relaxed proof of identity of the passenger
seeking reservation under Tatkal scheme neither at the time of
booking nor during the journey.

For tickets booked through the internet using railways website or
private portals, a passenger has to carry one of the five identity
proofs authorised by the railways ministry while travelling, he said.

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After SMS feedback, CR gets cracking

After SMS feedback, CR gets cracking

MUMBAI: Central Railway (CR) seems to have finally taken commuter response, received through its newly launched SMS feedback system, to heart.

The organisation has received 3,000-odd text messages over the last two months and if it indeed keeps its promise, commuters can expect better amenities, ticketing facilities and streamlined train operations in the coming months. CR officials have also acknowledged their weak points and said they were taking criticism constructively.

The feedback showed that a whopping 60% of commuters on Central Railway were unsatisfied with basic amenities like seats in trains/platforms and FOBs (existing FOBs needed repairs and there was a need for new ones). They also wanted clearer announcements, better indicators, cleaner stations and trains, raising of the heights of platforms. Work on many of these have already started.

Also, 16% of commuters wanted better train operations, stressing on punctuality, new trains, change in timings and platforms. "Some commuters SMSed that a particular train was late every day. We looked into the time table and tightened screws,'' said general manager, CR, B B Modgil. He added that when the scheme was launched, he expected punctuality to be a major grouse but instead ticketing scored over it.

About 13% commuters were unhappy with ticket booking facilities as newer variations like CVMs and ATVMs were mostly non-functional and coupons were unavailable at windows. "Another complaint was shortage of change at booking counters. Earlier, each window was provided with Rs 50 in change, now it will get Rs 300. It has also been proposed to install more `note to coin' changer machines,'' said chief PRO, S C Mudgerikar.

Cleanliness is a constant sore point. Officials said the frequency of washing and cleaning of rakes has been increased from once a month to once in 10 days and cleaning of train bogies from once a fortnight to daily.

More Action from railway Board Required.
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PME Due Date

Master Circular No. 25

Copy of Railway Board’s letter No. 69/H/3/11 dated 06.12.1974

Subject: Implementation of the Recommendations of the Visual Sub-Committee.

6. Periodical re-examination of serving Railway Employees:

6.l. In order to ensure the continued ability of Railway employees in Classes A l, A 2, A 3, B l and B 2 to discharge their duties with safety, they will be required to appear for re-examination at the following stated intervals throughout their service as indicated below:

6.1.1. Classes A l, A 2 and A 3 —At the termination of every period of three years, calculated from the date of appointment until they attain the age of 45 years, and thereafter annually until the conclusion of their service.

Note: (l) The staff in categories A l, A 2 and A 3 should be sent for special medical examination in the interest of safety under the following circumstances unless they have been under the treatment of a Railway Medical Officer.

(a) Having undergone any treatment or operation for eye trouble irrespective of the duration of sickness.

(b) Absence from duty for a period in excess of 90 days.

(2) If any employee in medical category A has been periodically medically examined at any time within one year prior to his attaining the age of 45, his next medical examination should be held one year from the due date of the last medical examination and subsequent medical examination annually thereafter.

If, however, such an employee has been medically examined, at any time earlier, than one year prior to his attaining the age of 45, his next medical examination should be held on the date he attains the age of 45 and subsequent medical examination annually thereafter.

Ammendment: It was ammended in 1993 as below

Age Group PME Due

Age 00-45 every 4yrs

Age 45-55 every 2yrs

Age 55-60 every year
As per Rly Bd's Guideline of Medical Exam issued vide LNo. 88/H/5/12 dated 24-01-1993

a) PME would be done at the termination of every period of 4 years from date of appointment / Initial medical Exam till the date of attainment of age of 45 years, every 2 years upto 55 years & there after annual till retirement.
b) Employees who has been periodically examined at any time within 2years prior to his attaining the age of 45years would be examined after 2years from the date of last PME & subsequent PME for every 2years upto 55years age.Of

NRMU 4 you

6.1.2. Classes B-1 and B-2—On attaining the age of 45 years, and thereafter at the termination of every period of five years.