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Sr..Divisional Commercial Manager, Central Railway, Solapur for and on behalf of the President of India invites applications from able bodied persons to
work as licensed porters at stations mentioned in table below, for issuing number
of licenses, for permission to carry passenger luggage as licensed porters. It may
be noted that licensed porters cannot claim any right for employment with
Railways and the licensees can be revoked at any time by Railways, if conditions
so warrant.
Station Required Licensed
1. Wadi 01
2. Gulbarga 07
3. Solapur 05
4. Daund 05
5. Ahmednagar 05
6. Belapur 01
7. Kopargaon 01
15% quota for SC, 7 ½ % for ST, 27% - for OBC will be kept reserved
based on the total no. of vacancies.
The application should not be below the age of 18 years as on
The applicant should be sent on the prescribed format along with documents as
1. The photo should be attested by Gazetted Officer or Headmaster of the
school or Sarpanch or MLA or MP or Station Superintendent in-charge of
nearest Railway stations, with half signature on photo and half signature
on the application form similarly for his/her official stamp.
2. The application should be forwarded by Photo attested authority with
certificate as per item 8 of application format.
3. The application complete in all respect should be sent by Registered Post
with A/D to the Chief Office Superintendent. Commercial Branch,
Divisional Railway Manger’s Office, Central Railway, Solapur on the
prescribed Performa.
4. The applicant should also attach all relevant documents and Two self
addressed envelop with Rs.35/- postage stamp affixed on each envelop.
5. The last date for receiving application shall be 03.07.2009 (up to 17.00
hrs) The application received after 03.07.2009 shall not be considered.
6. Incomplete application will be rejected out right and no documents will be
accepted subsequently after the receipt of application in office. The
applicant must write on the top of envelop in bold and capital letters.
7. Applicant may be subjected to suitable physical test to ascertain the
physical ability to carry out the job of Licensed Porters.
8. Applicant should attach the proof of age, educational qualifications,
experience in working as porters in Hotels/Airports/Bust stands etc, and
proof of antecedents viz Scounts and Guides, Wards of Railway Employee
or Ex Serviceman or Licensed Porters.
9. Railway will not be responsible for any postal delay.
Application Format for Licensed Porters At ---------- Station.
(To be submitted on plain paper of photocopy)
1. Name -------------------------------------------------
2. Father’s Name--------------------------------------
3. Permanent Residence Address--------------
Supporting documents to be attached)
4. Date of Birth---------------------------------------
(Supporting documents to be attached)
5. Fitness certificate---------------------------
(Certificate by Registered Doctor)
6. Character Certificate.
(Verification of character from police station where you are residing)
7. I undertake that in the event of any information given above being found
to be
False or incorrect/inaccurate in any respect the application shall be
rejected without assigning any reason.
Place Left Thumb Impression Signature of applicant
List of Enclosures.
8. The applicant is known to the undersigned and it is forwarded for
consideration by Railways.
Signature and Name and
Stamp of attesting authority.
(To be Filled by Office Staff)
(To be submitted on plain paper of photocopy)
1 Name
2 Father’s Name
3 Permanent Residence Address
4 Address of correspondence
5 Date of Birth
6 Roll Number
7 Date of Interview/physical ability
8 Time
9 Place of interview/physical ability
Applicant’s passport
size attested
photograph will be
pasted hereby the
applicant while
sending application.
(To be filled by Applicant)
Father’s Name---------------------------------
(to be filled by office staff)
Registered at Serial Number)
Date: Signature & Designation.
{See Rule 5(1), 30, 7, 10(a) , 14(d) and 18(d)}
1. Name of the Applicant ……………………………………… ..
……………………………………… ..
2. Identification marks (1)……………………………………… .
(2)……………………………………… .
3. (a) Does the applicant to the best of your judgment suffer from any defect of
vision ? If so, has it been corrected by suitable spectacles? Yes/ No.
(b) Can be applicant to the best of your judgment, readily distinguish the
pigmentary colours, red and green ? Yes/No.
(c) In you opinion, is he able to distinguish with his eye sight at a distance of
25 metres in good day light a motor car number plate. Yes/No.
(d) In your opinion, does the applicant suffer from a degree of deafness which
Would prevent his hearing the ordinary sound signal? Yes/No.
(e) In your opinion, does the applicant suffer from night blindness Yes/No.
(f) Has the applicant any defect or deformity or loss of member which would
Interfere with the efficient performance of his duties as a driver? Is so give
your reasons in details. Yes/No.
(g) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Blood Group and RH factor of the applicant (if the applicant so desires that
the information may be noted in his driving license)
(a) Blood Group -------------------- (b) RH factor-----------------------
Declaration made by the applicant in Form –I as to his physical fitness
is attached.
I Certify that:
(i) I have personally examined the applicant, Shri/Smt. Km.-------------------
(ii) That while examining the applicant I have directed special attention
to his her distant vision.
(iii) While examining the applicant I have directed special attention to
his/her hearing ability, the condition of the arms, legs, hands and
joint of both extremities of the applicant; &
(iv) I have personally examined the applicant for reaction time, side
vision and glare recovery, (applicable in case of persons applying
for a licence to drive goods carriage carrying goods of dangerous or
hazardous nature to human life).
· And, therefore I certify that to the best of my judgment, he/she is medically
fit/not fit to hold a driving license.
· The applicant is not medically fit to hold a license for the following
· Strike out which is inapplicable.
1. Name and designation of the Medical
2. Registration Number of Medical Officer.
Date:----------------------- Signature or thumb impression of the
Note: The Medical Officer shall affix his signature over the photograph is
such a manner that part of the his signature is upon the photograph affixed
and part on the certificate.
* This certificate is not required if the application is for license to drive
private (non-transport) vehicles except, if the applicant had any physical
disability which may cause danger to the public or if the holder of license is
beyond 40 years of age on the date of application for renewal.

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PME Due Date

Master Circular No. 25

Copy of Railway Board’s letter No. 69/H/3/11 dated 06.12.1974

Subject: Implementation of the Recommendations of the Visual Sub-Committee.

6. Periodical re-examination of serving Railway Employees:

6.l. In order to ensure the continued ability of Railway employees in Classes A l, A 2, A 3, B l and B 2 to discharge their duties with safety, they will be required to appear for re-examination at the following stated intervals throughout their service as indicated below:

6.1.1. Classes A l, A 2 and A 3 —At the termination of every period of three years, calculated from the date of appointment until they attain the age of 45 years, and thereafter annually until the conclusion of their service.

Note: (l) The staff in categories A l, A 2 and A 3 should be sent for special medical examination in the interest of safety under the following circumstances unless they have been under the treatment of a Railway Medical Officer.

(a) Having undergone any treatment or operation for eye trouble irrespective of the duration of sickness.

(b) Absence from duty for a period in excess of 90 days.

(2) If any employee in medical category A has been periodically medically examined at any time within one year prior to his attaining the age of 45, his next medical examination should be held one year from the due date of the last medical examination and subsequent medical examination annually thereafter.

If, however, such an employee has been medically examined, at any time earlier, than one year prior to his attaining the age of 45, his next medical examination should be held on the date he attains the age of 45 and subsequent medical examination annually thereafter.

Ammendment: It was ammended in 1993 as below

Age Group PME Due

Age 00-45 every 4yrs

Age 45-55 every 2yrs

Age 55-60 every year
As per Rly Bd's Guideline of Medical Exam issued vide LNo. 88/H/5/12 dated 24-01-1993

a) PME would be done at the termination of every period of 4 years from date of appointment / Initial medical Exam till the date of attainment of age of 45 years, every 2 years upto 55 years & there after annual till retirement.
b) Employees who has been periodically examined at any time within 2years prior to his attaining the age of 45years would be examined after 2years from the date of last PME & subsequent PME for every 2years upto 55years age.Of

NRMU 4 you

6.1.2. Classes B-1 and B-2—On attaining the age of 45 years, and thereafter at the termination of every period of five years.