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Rs 30000 Computer Advance to CGE interest will be Rs 8600 ie 11.5% pa

Computer Advance for Central Government Employees
How to calculate the interest amount for Computer Advance…
In this modern world, things became essential for day to day life which was once a dream for ordinary people in the past years.
Before ten years, buying a computer was an uphill task but it became an important part now a days in each and every houses.
But, the rate of interest for the ‘Computer Advance’ given for the Central Government Employees remains the same. An interest rate of 11.5% p.a. is
very high as expressed by the employees.
The advance amount of the Rs.30,000 will be recovered in 5 years through monthly deductions and the interest amount of Rs.8600 which is more…
We, on behalf of all Central Government Employees urge the JCM members to recommended the decreasing or eliminating this rate of interest.
If an employee receive Rs.30,000 as Computer Advance, calculate the interest amount in two methods, one is Formula method and other is IBB method.
Formula Method:-
Date of Advance : 1.1.2008
No. of Installments : 60 Months
Rate of Interest : 11.5%
Formula : n/2 (a+1) x r/100 x 1/12
Interest Calculation = 60/2 (30,000) x 11.5/100 x 1/12
= Rs.8625
IBB Method :-
Interest Calculation = 915000/100 x 11.5/100 x 1/12
= Rs.8769
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PME Due Date

Master Circular No. 25

Copy of Railway Board’s letter No. 69/H/3/11 dated 06.12.1974

Subject: Implementation of the Recommendations of the Visual Sub-Committee.

6. Periodical re-examination of serving Railway Employees:

6.l. In order to ensure the continued ability of Railway employees in Classes A l, A 2, A 3, B l and B 2 to discharge their duties with safety, they will be required to appear for re-examination at the following stated intervals throughout their service as indicated below:

6.1.1. Classes A l, A 2 and A 3 —At the termination of every period of three years, calculated from the date of appointment until they attain the age of 45 years, and thereafter annually until the conclusion of their service.

Note: (l) The staff in categories A l, A 2 and A 3 should be sent for special medical examination in the interest of safety under the following circumstances unless they have been under the treatment of a Railway Medical Officer.

(a) Having undergone any treatment or operation for eye trouble irrespective of the duration of sickness.

(b) Absence from duty for a period in excess of 90 days.

(2) If any employee in medical category A has been periodically medically examined at any time within one year prior to his attaining the age of 45, his next medical examination should be held one year from the due date of the last medical examination and subsequent medical examination annually thereafter.

If, however, such an employee has been medically examined, at any time earlier, than one year prior to his attaining the age of 45, his next medical examination should be held on the date he attains the age of 45 and subsequent medical examination annually thereafter.

Ammendment: It was ammended in 1993 as below

Age Group PME Due

Age 00-45 every 4yrs

Age 45-55 every 2yrs

Age 55-60 every year
As per Rly Bd's Guideline of Medical Exam issued vide LNo. 88/H/5/12 dated 24-01-1993

a) PME would be done at the termination of every period of 4 years from date of appointment / Initial medical Exam till the date of attainment of age of 45 years, every 2 years upto 55 years & there after annual till retirement.
b) Employees who has been periodically examined at any time within 2years prior to his attaining the age of 45years would be examined after 2years from the date of last PME & subsequent PME for every 2years upto 55years age.Of

NRMU 4 you

6.1.2. Classes B-1 and B-2—On attaining the age of 45 years, and thereafter at the termination of every period of five years.