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Minutes of the DC/JCM meeting held on 4th May & 29th June, 2011





The General Secretary,


4, State Entry Road,

New Delhi-55

Dear Sirs,

New Delhi, Dt. 10.08.2011

The General Secretary,


3, Chelmsford Road,

New Delhi-55

Sub: Minutes of the DC/JCM meeting held on 4th May & 29th

June, 2011.


This is to inform that the minutes of the DC/JCM meeting is being

uploaded on the official website of this Ministry i.e.

already discussed.

Yours faithfully,


Joint Director, Estt.(IR)

Railway Board





The Meeting of the

Departmental Council

of Railways (JCM)

on 4th May & 29th June, 2011









1. V.N. Tripathi,

Member Staff

2. Dr. V.K. Ramteke,


3. Satyendra N. Pandey,


4. P.K. Sharma,


5. Braj Mohan,


6. Ashok Kumar Gupta,


7. W.K. Pradhan,


8. Arun Saxena,


9. A.K. Mishra,


10. Smt. Suhas Kumar,


11. A.K. Maitra,


12. A.K. Singh,


13. Mrs. R. Kapoor,


14. S. Mookerjee,

Adv. Fin.(Exp.)

15. A.K. Nigam,


16. Sudhir Kumar Saxena,


17. R. Mukundan,


18. P. Mishra,




1. Umraomal Purohit

2. S.G. Mishra

3. K.L. Gupta

4. Rakhal Das Gupta

5. P.R. Menon #

6. N. Kanniah #

7. C.A. Rajasridhar

8. M.N. Vajpayee #

9. Ch. Sankara Rao #

10. Subhendu Mukherjee

11. J.R. Bhosale

12. S.K. Brahma #

13. Salil Lawrence *

14. U.C. Tyagi

15. R.D. Yadav *

16. A.M.D’ Cruz

17. Mukesh Galav

18. Ch. Gandhi

19. H.S. Sidhu



1. Guman Singh

2. M. Raghavaiah

3. R.P. Bhatnagar

4. B.C. Sharma

5. R.K. Sinha #

6. J.G. Mahurkar

7. Ram Murat

8. P.S. Suryaprakasam

9. C.M. Upadhyay

# attended on 04th May 2011 only.

* attended on 29th June 2011 only.



19. Urvilla Khati,


20. R.R. Prasad,


21. A.K. Gulati,


22. Anjali Goyal,


23. A.K. Lahoti,


24. Sanjay Chadha,


25. S.K. Mishra,


26. Pradeep Kumar,

ED(Sig/ Projects)

27. A.M. Reddy,


28. Dr. D.P. Pande,


29. Desh Ratan Gupta,


30. Dr. M. Jain,


31. I. Jeyakumar,


32. K. Krishnan,


33. V. Vaidehi,


34. D. Mallik,


35. Madan Lal,


36. D.V. Rao,





Section – A: Introduction

Member (Staff) as Chairman of the meeting addressed the gathering as under:-

Shri Purohit Ji, Shri Guman Singh Ji, Shri Raghavaiah Ji and Shri Mishra Ji and all other

Members of this forum present here, I extend on behalf of the entire administration a very hearty

welcome to this meeting.

The year 2010-11 has been an year of consolidation in terms of complete absorption of

the impact of 6th Pay Commission on Railway finances. It is a matter of pride for Railwaymen

that despite increased cost of various inputs, Railways were able to tide over its financial crisis.

There has been an improvement in safety scenario as total number of consequential

accidents has decreased to 141 from 165 during the financial year 2009-10. Causewise analysis

shows that out of total 141 accidents, 58 were because of failure of railway staff.

The target for opening 20 new hostels on the Railways has been achieved last year and it

has been decided that 20 new hostels will be added in the current year also for which necessary

instructions have been issued to Zonal Railways. Similarly, 31 creches for the benefit of women

employees have already been set up and the work is in progress for 10 other crèches. A

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed last year with Ministry of Human Resource

Development for creating the educational facilties on the Railways. In terms of the above MoU

six new Kendriya Vidyalayas have already been sanctioned and proposal for opening 44

Kendriya Vidyalayas has been forwarded to Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan. Joint inspections

have been carried out on 22 locations and I have written to Secretary, Department of School

Education to expedite the operationalisation of remaining Kendriya Vidyalayas.

Some of the important steps taken by medical department for providing quality medical

care to Railway beneficiaries are as under: -

Apart from the present Super-specialty cardiac centre of Perambur Hospital of Southern

Railway, Indian Railways have already started such center at B.R. Singh

Hospital/Kolkata of Eastern Railway and Centre at Jagjivan Ram Hospital/Mumbai of

Western Railway which is under progress. This will help us to treat Railway

beneficiaries with these high-tech cardiac facilities.

A proposal to provide health care facilities to Railway employees & their families living

in far flung and remote areas 20 Road Mobile Medical vans is under process.

New Building complex are coming up at Perambur Hospitals and Jaipur Hospitals.

Instructions have been issued for extension of facility of Semi-private room in favour of

Railway employees/dependents undergoing Kidney/Liver transplantation when referred

for treatment in the recognized hospitals.

Legally dependent divorced daughters have been included in the list of family members

for availing of Railway health services.

Works for provision of dormitories for attendants of Railway Patients at 16 Railway

Hospitals is in various stages of progress.

Works are in progress for provision of six numbers of Burn Units in major railway




For wards of Railway employees, Medical Department is taking steps to open Medical

and Nursing Colleges on Railway land with existing Railway Hospital under Public

Private Partnership. To start with five places have been identified i.e. Chennai,

Guwahati, Kharagpur, Secunderabad and Lucknow. The construction work of Nursing

College at Majerhat is under progress.

I would also like to share with you some of the recent developments made by the

Railways in various fields.

1. The currency of the scheme of General Departmental Competitive Examination (GDCE)

has been extended upto 31.3.2014 (vide Board’s letter No. E(NG)I-2011/PM1/2 dated


2. It has been decided that the retirement/recruitment process under the LARSGESS in

respect of all safety categories of staff including gangmen in Grade Pay of `1800/- PM

and drivers/Loco Pilots may be done twice in a year instead of once in a year (letter No.

E(P&A)I-2010/RT-2 dated 29.3.2011.

3. Date of effect of OTA has since been made effective from 01.01.2006 instead of

01.09.2008 vide letter No.PC-V/2008/A/O/3(OTA) dated 25.05.2011.

4. Scheme of ‘Hononary Visiting Specialists’ has been extended from 01.07.2011 to

30.06.2012 in all Railway Hospitals all over Indian Railways.

I must compliment both the Federations, staff & officers with whose untiring efforts and

unparallel commitment all these achievements were possible. I am sure that all 14 lakh

Railwaymen will continue to give their best to achieve greater heights.

Thank you.

Shri Umraomal Purohit, President/ AIRF

Shri Purohit stated that rules regarding compassionate ground appointment need to be

applied in the case of appointment against LARSGESS, as there is not much difference between

the two.

Shri Purohit further stated that the 6th CPC has prescribed higher pension to those who

are above 80-year, but lakhs of cases are pending for issue of new PPOs.

Shri Purohit asked, if hostel at Kota(WCR) is out of local SBF, how other works will be

taken care of.

Guman Singh, President/ NFIR

Shri Guman Singh, President NFIR conveyed thanks to the Chairman, Departmental

Council and Member, Staff Sh. V.N. Tripathi for convening this meeting. He respected the high

sense of devotion to duty projected by Shri V.N. Tripathi by convening this meeting particularly,

when he was superannuating on the next day i.e. 30th June 2011.


This meeting was to be held on 5th May 2011 but could not be materialized because the

staff side had to take decision for keeping away from the DC-JCM till the orders of Railway

Board regarding payment of OT w.e.f. 01.1.2006 instead of 1.9.2008 as it is pay not an

allowance and issuance of orders as decided in the joint meeting held between FC, MS and

Federation, regarding settlement of those employees who were superannuated from Construction

department on last pay drawn or 10 months average whichever is higher. He expressed

satisfaction that both the orders were issued by Railway Board.

He thanked the Railway Board for issuing policy directives regarding eligibility of

Railway employees for privilege passes. These orders generated great amount of satisfaction

amongst the Railway employees.

He appreciated the Railway Board for constituting the High Power Committee to review

the hours of duty of running and other staff of safety categories. Although this action was

delayed by 6 years.

The President, NFIR expressed his happiness on formation of Joint Committee to study

and recommend for career progression and working conditions of track maintenance staff. He

apprehended that the committee had completed its work and likely to submit report within next

few days. He requested the Railway Board to take early action on the recommendations of the


The Railway Board have rightly decided to have cadre restructuring of Group C and D

staff without stipulation of matching saving by surrendering posts. He stated that staff strength

have already been reduced so much so that no further surrendering of post is feasible.

After narration of the above achievements, he remembered the following problems which

were stated in the first meeting with the MS, still remain unsolved:

1) It was requested that the vacancies should be filled early but instead of filling of the

vacancies it has been increased from 1.8 Lakhs to 2.2 Lakhs.

2) The Railway Board was requested to have a fare deal in creating additional post for

additional trains/assets but the creation part remains as it was, on the contrary substantial

number of new trains and assets have been added which had created the difficult conditions

to the existing staff.

3) It was expected to improve the maintenance of railway quarters but in spite of improvement

there is further deterioration which is generating discontentment amongst staff. This year the

situation will further deteriorate because of meager allotment of funds.

4) There was heavy shortage of doctors which is further aggravating.

5) Ex-gratia amount to railway employees were revised by the Railway Board in the year 2006

but the ex-gratia to widows had not been revised although time and again the attention of

Railway Board was drawn to this issue.

6) Consensus was achieved that 15% of post of apex pay scale of Group C was to be upgraded

to Group B but in spite of vigorous pursuance by the staff side, the orders have not been




7) The Hon’ble Minister of Railways had announced in the parliament while submitting

Railway budget on 25th February 2011 that the medical facilities will also be extended to

parents of Railway employees but the Railway Board had not issued orders.

Shri Shiva Gopal Mishra, General Secretary/ AIRF

Shri Shiva Gopal Mishra while thanking Chairman, Member Staff, Railway Board, for

making sincere efforts by holding series of meetings to restore the negotiations with the

Federation, stated that timely reply, even rejecting the cases, by Railway Board with appropriate

logic satisfies us.

He thanked the members of the Joint Committee on Trackmen for submitting unanimous

report with the hope that the Railway Board will implement the same shortly.

He further added that as per extent orders of the Railway Board, four rooms are allotted

for the stay of office bearers of the federation attending DC/JCM Meeting, which are quite

inadequate and demanded that at least 10 rooms should be provided with for AIRF members

attending DC/JCM meeting with the Railway Board.

Shri Mishra further mentioned that LARSGES has come to a standstill because of a

number of complicacies in the said scheme, treating the recruitment of the wards of Railway

employees, seeking voluntary retirement under this scheme, as direct recruitment, which needs to

be amended and should be treated at par with compassionate ground appointment. High School

qualification and Physical Efficiency Test should not be insisted upon.

Railway Board should issue directions to all the Railway administrations to consider all

the applications received by them under this scheme. He said that as per announcement of

Hon’ble MR in the current Railway Budget Speech, the employees with GP `1900 should be

covered under for the LARSGESS and demanded early issuance of the orders on the subject.

He stated that the quasi-administrative office staff who are awaiting absorption in the

Railways since long should be absorbed in the Railways early.

The General Secretary demanded that the existing instructions of the Railway Board

regarding recruitment of Substitutes in Railways being impracticable should be withdrawn

immediately and preference should be given to the wards of Railway employees while engaging

Substitutes on old pattern.

He further added that Railway pass holders should be made entitled to travel in Duronto

Express trains also on Rajdhani Express trains pattern.

In view of extremely shabby condition of Railway accommodations, he demanded that

Maintenance Allowance for repair and maintenance of quarters should be provided to the

allottees so that they are able to get necessary repair and maintenance done.

He stated that Welfare Schemes for Railway employees, as announced by the Hon’ble

MR in her Rail Budget, such as opening of schools/colleges, ITIs, Medical/Engineering

Colleges, house for all etc., should be implemented early.

The General Secretary further stated that only Railway quarters should be constructed on

vacant Railway land and the land should not be handed over to any private builder for its

commercial use by them and pointed out that in New Delhi a precious part of Railway land has



been allotted to a private builder, which we strongly protest and demand for its immediate


He demanded early settlement of AIRF’s long pending demand – upgradation of 15%

apex level group `C’ posts to group `B’ posts.

The General Secretary further emphasized that since the issue of removal of anomalies is

still pending with DoP&T for quite a long time, it needs to be expedited and Artisans should be

provided with GP `2800 merging Grade Pay of `2400 and `2800. Grade Pay `2000 under

MACP Scheme should be reviewed.

He demanded Additional HRA, incentive to Railway employees working in J&K Region.

He stated that we have demanded that higher grade posts should not be surrendered, but

the Railway Board vide their letter dated 17.6.2011 have issued instructions to Railway

administrations for surrendering even higher grade posts. This action of the Railway Board is not

tolerable and demanded for immediate withdrawal of such instructions and early restoration of

surrendered higher grade posts.

He further stated that the orders issued from the Railway Board to Zonal Railways on

policy matters are not being endorsed to AIRF, because of which Federation comes to know

about such instructions only after issuance of the same and demanded that prior consultation

should be made with the Federation before issuing orders on policy matters.

He stated that on North Central Railway, ASMs are forced to operate PRS Centres.

Orders of North Central Railway Administration to this effect should be withdrawn immediately.

He also stated that Income Tax on the arrears of VI CPC has been wrongly computed and

deducted from the Railway employees, whereas these arrears should have been spread over the

annual income of three years, therefore, Railway Board should intervene in the matter to get

extra Income Tax, so deducted, reimbursed to the employees concerned

He stated that on ECoR, benefit of 30% is not being given to Running Staff while

fixation of their pay, as such necessary orders should be issued to the said Railway


He further stated that a panel of 5200 candidates in GP `1800 has been formed on ECoR,

which should be operated early to fill-up large number of vacancies.

On ECoR, ECRC/PRS staff are being forced to perform longer duty, which should be

reviewed immediately and their duty hours should be reduced.

Employees should be provided with proper uniform and also Washing Allowance.

There are certain lapses in the MACP Scheme in respect of Loco Pilots, Shunters and Goods Guards which needs to be rectified and demanded for proper implementation of the

scheme on all the Zonal Railways and Production Units.

There is an acute shortage of Railway quarters. This needs to be addressed early.

Running Rooms are the second house of the Running Staff, but the condition of the Running Rooms is very bad.



Orders regarding enhancement of ex-gratia payment should be issued early.

Staff working in quasi-administrative offices/organizations, connected with the Railways,

are being denied benefit of New Pass Rules. Also medical facilities are being denied to this set of

staff. These need immediate intervention of the Railway Board.

Railway land should not be allotted to private builders. Land Mafia should not be given

the benefit of vacant Railway land.

Shri M. Raghavaiah, General Secretary/ NFIR

Shri M. Raghavaiah, General Secretary, NFIR has at the outset thanked the Member Staff

for his efforts in resolving the issues raised by Staff Side from time to time during his short

tenure in Railway Board. He also richly complimented the Member Staff for his success in

improving the efficiency of the system while working in different capacities in the Railways and

at the same time maintaining healthy relations with the Staff and as well Unions.

He requested the Railway Board to take quick action for implementation of Budget

Announcements of Hon’ble Railway Minister and appraise the progress to the Federations on the


a) Medical facilities to both dependant father and mother,

b) Setting up of Railway Vidyalaya Prabandan Board,

c) Setting up of five Polytechnics,

d) Recruitment against 1.75 Lakh vacancies in Group ‘C’ & ‘D’,

e) House for all.

Shri M. Raghavaiah has brought out the following issues for quick response from the

Board as the workers are disappointed over the delay in resolving the same satisfactorily.

I. In CRC no substantial result in the last 18 months

CRC exercise should be undertaken on Fast Track.

II. Running Staff issues

Relating to revision of Kilometerage Rate, date of effect from 01-01-2006, Pay Fixation

on posting against Stationery post, grant of Additional Allowance to all Running Staff,

Restoration of ALK to the medically de-categorized Loco Pilots deployed to perform the

duties of Crew Controllers should be redressed without further delay. In the separate

meeting held between the Railway Board and NFIR on 24-06-2011, discussions were

held at length on all these issues. The Federation has given rationale proposals justifying

revision of Kilometerage Rates w.e.f 01-01-2006 onwards. All these issues should be

sorted out very early.

III. There are 2.2 Lakh vacancies on Indian Railways

Staff are heavily overburdened. Immediate steps required.

IV. Quasi Administrative Staff

This is a long pending issue. While orders for introduction of “Substitutes Engagement

Scheme” since issued, the Quasi Administrative Staff absorption continued unsettled

inspite of separate discussions and encouraging response from Member Staff.


V. Duty hours of ECRCs

No action on the agreement arrived at in a separate meeting held with AM (Comml.) till

date. Sanctity of Board’s orders (by an agreement with the Staff Side) to be retained and

counter working hours to be limited to 6 hours per shift.

VI. Negotiated settlement of February, 2006 – Casual Labour attained temporary status.

Counting of entire service of Temporary Status Casual Labour for the purpose of

Pensionary benefits:-

Although Railway Board had agreed and proposal sent to DOP&T, the same has not been

decided favourably. Railway Ministry should impress upon the DOP&T about complex

working of Railways and re-consider the matter.

VII. With 51% DA, Running Staff Allowance /ALK needs to be hiked by 25%.

VIII. MACPS has created a lot of problems

Needs separate discussions, particularly in the light of meeting held between the DOP&T

and Staff Side on 15-03-2011. In the meantime, Zonal Railways may be advised not to

withdraw the benefit extended to some categories (Drawing Office Staff, Pharmacists,


IX. In Health Directorate order dated 03-05-2011, the last sentence needs to be modified and

revised orders issued, covering past cases relating to Type-II diabetes case of Running

Staff, etc.,

X. In LARSGESS Scheme, Compassionate Ground appointment policy should be applied.

XI. Pay Commission anomalies

Proposals on Seven core issues have been sent by Railway Ministry to MOF one year

back. There has been no progress. This needs to be pursued. The Federation has also

brought this matter to the notice of Hon’ble Ministers of State for Railways in the

General Managers’ Conference held on 11-06-2011.

XII. Promotion to higher post with no Grade Pay Benefit

This anomaly is prevalent in Running Staff category. This needs to be rectified by

allotting higher Grade Pay on promotion.

XIII. RELHS-97 Scheme needs to be an open-ended scheme.

XIV. Welfare activities are totally ignored due to shortage of funds. Quarters/Colonies are in a

very bad shape. Immediate action required.

XV. On West Central Railway, Substitute Teachers put in 18 years continuous service are not

screened done for regularization inspite of provision exists for absorption on completion

of 3 years. These staff deserve to be regularized.

XVI. Quantum of punishment in VIth CPC Pay – Board’s order needs review for meeting

hardship to staff.

XVII. Anomaly arisen in the case of Senior Loco Inspectors should be resolved. The issue was

discussed in the EDs Committee also.

XVIII. Action may be taken for implementation of Joint Committee Report on career growth of

Trackmen category and package on working/service conditions.


XIX. Pass entitlement order be made applicable for RCP and Retired Staff also.

While concluding, Mr. M. Raghavaiah wished Member Staff, Shri V.N.Tripathi and

family members a happy and prosperous retired life and assured NFIR’s continued affection in

future days also.

Shri Rakhal Das Gupta

Shri Rakhal Das Gupta thanked Shri V. N. Tripathi(Member Staff, Railway Board)

Chairman of the House and for extending all out co-operation with the organized labour. Major

breakthrough during his tenure were appointment of High Powered Committee to go into the

question of duty hours of Safety Category Staff, AC–3 Tier Pass to the lowest rung of Railway

employees, delegation of power to the General Managers for appointment on compassionate


Shri Das Gupta said that present operating ratio of Railways should not frighten us to

take any positive decision. This is a usual phenomenon after each and every Pay Commission

and the same was absorbed gradually – as example he quoted that after the implementation of the

report of 5th CPC, the operating ratio of Indian Railways for the year 2000 – 2001 went upto

98.34% and after gradual absorption the same came down to 75.9% during the year 2007 -2008.

He also quoted that due to change in the pattern of Goods train movement, the PLB jumped from

24 days to 32 days in one year between the period of 1981–1983 and 1983–1984.

He said that over two lakh posts are lying vacant and the recruitment process is so tardy

that advertisement published during the year 2008 for Gr. ‘D’ post. PET for the same was

conducted in April & May, 2011. The written test was fixed to be held in June, 2011. But the

same has been postponed to October, This is one example only. Large vacancy in Running Staff

and other safety categories of staff are potential danger to Railways safety. Running staff are

being compelled to perform longer hours of duty, Goods trains are running without Guard, Yard

is working with under staff, causing accident.

Problems of the Running Staff in respect of payment of arrear of Running Allowance

w.e.f. 01.01.2006, revision of the rates of running allowance, fixation of pay on promotion etc.

are causing serious strain. Annual review of the strength of C&W staff as on 1st May are not

being conducted. Anomalies in respect of granting of annual increment, MACP, fixation of pay

on promotion, Grade Pay etc. could not be resolved.

Shri Das Gupta said that LARSGESS should be conducted as that of appointment on

Compassionate Ground and the minimum educational qualification for both should remain as

class VIII.

Shri Das Gupta requested Minimum AC-3 Tier pass be issued to the Railwaymen and

their family member who are Cancer Patient, traveling for treatment and periodical checkup and

that Post retirement complimentary passes should also be issued as per revised entitlement.

He drew the attention towards MR’s Budget Speech of 2011 – 2012 and requested that

order for Parent’s Medical treatment be issued at the earliest and option for RELHS may please

be extended.

Shri Das Gupta said that there is acute shortage of doctor. Even many Central Hospitals

are running without having Specialties. He requested that contract doctors should be provided

with vacant Railway accommodation on normal rent so that their services can be available at odd


hours. He also said that leave and other benefits should be granted to the Contract Paramedical

Staff. He expressed concern about the quality of medicine and requested improvement in this


He requested that provision of Kendriya Vidyalayas be made in remote localities.

Shri Das Gupta mentioned that Education Allowance for two children was sanctioned

earlier and this has been changed to “2 eldest children”. This has bypassed the recommendation

of 6th CPC and approved by the Govt. In this connection he pointed out that Chapter VI(a) Para

Para 5.4.(A)(13) of Income Tax Act provides exemption of Educational Expenditure for two

children. The Act did not restrict to the two eldest children. In view of that the same should be

granted to two children of railway employees.

Shri Das Gupta said that order has been issued for granting of pensionery benefit after 6

months of FIR in missing cases. The sanction of pensionery benefit are badly delayed in Zonal

Railways. Sri Das Gupta requested the Railway Board to intervene and impress upon the Zonal

Railways to grant the pensionery benefit immediate after 6 months of the missing report duly


Shri Das Gupta mentioned that ED/Accounts, Railway Board has issued an order that for

each and every sanction of MACP Finance concurrence is to be obtained. This will only delay

the matter badly and never before such restriction was imposed since sanction of ACP/MACP in

the year 1999.

Shri Das Gupta also mentioned that Railway Board have issued order for granting MACP

in favour of Pharmacist taking Grade Pay `4200 as base Grade Pay. But this order has been

withdrawn. He requested Railway Board to keep the revised order in abeyance till the matter is

discussed between the Railway Board and the Federations.

Shri R.P. Bhatnagar

Shri R.P. Bhatnagar mentioned that the condition of the Railway Quarters is very bad.

They are not being repaired as adequate staff is not available with IOWs and contractors are not

working. The condition of the quarters are in a very bad shape and even in some places leakages

has not been repaired before the monsoon.

The condition of running room is congested and rest house for Ticket Checking Staff is

also very bad. Proper and adequate rest cannot be taken in the running rooms and rest houses. In

some of the rest houses for Ticket Checking staff even the beds are not sufficient as per the

number of staff coming to take rest.

Shri R.P. Bhatnagar has also mentioned about the posting of additional staff for the

additional trains/assets, but this is a matter of concern that the trains are running without creation

of the staff. The condition is worsening because of the heavy vacancies, especially in Safety


Heavy vacancies in Doctors and in Para-medical staff is causing severe hardship to the

staff. Immediate arrangement should be made for filling up the vacancies of the doctors and

Para-medical staff. Number of times, it is seen that the supply of medicine is irregular. Proper

system should be followed for the regular supply of the medicines.


Shri J.R. Bhosale

Shri Bhosale stated that minimum educational qualification for compassionate ground

appointment and appointment against LARSGESS should be 8th pass.

Payment of minimum 160 km per day to Loco Inspectors who are doing foot plate at par

with Loco Pilot

He further demanded comparative pay scales to Running Staff posted in stationary post

and selection

He demanded fixation of pay of physically de-categorized Running Staff.

He stressed to increase the price of Hunter Shoes from `450 to `1500.

He demanded to enhance ex-gratia payment from 10,00,000 to 20,00,000 in all cases.

He also demanded improvement in carrier prospects of Safaiwala.

He further demanded to arrange payment for girls and boys Hostel at Kota.

He requested the Official Side to delete para 4 of RBE(P&A) I -2010/ RTZ dated 28-06-


He urged for fixation of pay in substantive post as on 1-1-2006 of Running Instructors


Shri J.G. Mahurkar

I. No funds are available on Western Railway for maintenance of Railway Colonies. No

work orders are being issued. No contracts are being awarded.

II. Western Railway has an 80 year Old Running Room at Mumbai Central. Loco Pilots,

Guards and Ticket Checking Staff of all the six divisions and all taking Rest in this

Running Room. Last year the General Manager sent a proposal to construct a New

A.C.Running Room at Mumbai Central for being included in the Pink Book to Railway

Board. General Secretary-NFIR also requested the Chairman, Railway Board to include

this. But the proposal was not included in the Pink Book.

Now again the General Manager, Western Railway is sending this proposal to Railway

Board. This may be considered because the staff have to climb three stories to reach

there. This may be considered now.

III. The recognized Unions on Ahmedabad Division have not bee provided with PREM

Office. This is a new Division. Initially one Room was provided which the Union did not

accept. It was not a proper office at all as far as floor area was considered.

IV. PREM meetings are not being held on Western Railway since more than 3 years. Western

Railway may be advised to conduct the meetings.



Section – B: MINUTES


18/2006: Revision of diet charges and basis for fixation of the same.


Matter under process. Staff Side stated that overhead charges to be removed.

12/2009: Recognition of hospitals and tie-ups for Neuro surgery patients on Central



Under process. Orders to be issued.

25/2009: Pre-medical Examination- Relaxation for Loco Pilots declared with Type II



Instructions issued vide letter No.2008/H/5/18 dated 03.05.2011, copy of which given to

Staff Side. Staff side pointed out the past cases should be reviewed which has been agreed to.

6/2010: Treatment of the period of absence from duty in favour of organ donors.


It was explained to the Staff Side that Railway employee who wishes to donate organ to a

needy family member or dependant or to any other patients is already entitled to various types of

leave like Sick Leave (LHAP) and LAP which he/she can avail in case of need. Further, this

Ministry cannot take any unilateral decision in the matter. Staff Side requested for a separate

discussion with DG/RHS.

14/2010: Medical facilities to the staff working at the road side stations and ganghuts.


Staff Side stated as under:-

(a) One mobile medical van for each division may be provided in a phased manner.

(b) Time limit for engagement of CMP doctors to be raised.

(c) There should be a waiting list of CMPs.

(d) Provision for treatment in nearby Private/ Govt. hospitals in case of an emergency.

(e) Possibility of any other scheme to be explored for treatment in roadside station.

After discussion it was decided that a separate meeting will be held with DG/RHS.

23/2010: Granting of recognition to Lower Assam Hospital and Research Centre,

Bongaigaon as Referral hospital.


Instructions issued vide Board’s letter No.2009/H-1/11/16(NFR) dated 09.09.2010.


27/2011: (i) Compassionate appointment to the wards of medically de-categorized staff.


(ii) Issuance of incorrect Medical Certificates in the case of medically decategorised

staff leading to avoidable problems and denial of compassionate



(i) Discussed and closed. (pertains to EDE/N)

(ii) It was agreed that medical decategorisation will be replaced by medical unfitness to the

post held by staff and appropriate instructions will be issued.


7/2004: Handing over the Departmental Catering units to private parties through

IRCTC–staff problems.


24/2004: Arbitrary handing-over of catering establishment along with the staff to the



Position on each aspect was explained to the Staff Side. Minutes of the separate meeting

held on 02.04.2011 is to be issued soon. Staff side pointed out that restructuring orders have not

been implemented by Zonal Railways. It was decided to advised Zonal Railways to take

immediate action.


46/2003: Additional workload on Keyman-Correction slip No. 58 and 73- Para 170(6) of



A separate meeting between Board(ME) and Staff Side has been held on 23.03.2011,

based on which a reference has been made to a few Zonal Railways vide letter No.2006/ CE–

II/Parl./2(JCM) dated 23.03.2011. Copy of which given to Staff Side. Staff side stated that the

matter be expedited.


17/2009: Arbitrary cancellation of norms for non-gazetted categories of Signalling Staff

(Group ‘C’ & ‘D’) – S&T Department.


Norms for non-gazetted categories of Signalling Staff (Gr. ‘C’ & ‘D’) have been issued

vide this office letter No.2007/Sig./Non Gaz/Norms/1. Yard stick needs review.


4/2009: Provision of ACs in the UTS machine offices on the suburban section.


The matter is under consideration. Staff side desired a separate meeting with MT.

9/2011: Scale of electrical fittings for staff quarters – Provision for installing airconditioners

in residential quarters


The matter is under examination in consultation with Finance Directorate. Staff side

requested to expedite the matter for removing staff hardship.



24/2011: Provision of accommodation to Trackmen in Accident Relief Train.


AM(PU) will examine the matter further in consultation with AM(CE).

AM(Commercial)/ EDPM

8/2001: Special Pay to the Train Superintendents/Deputy Train Superintendents/

Stewards manning Rajdhani Express trains.


The matter is under examination in consultation with the Zonal Railways particularly

Eastern Railway and Northern Railway which man most of the Rajdhani Express Trains.

15/2006: Manning of Rajdhani features super fast trains by Train Superintendents.


Discussed and closed.


5/2009: Reservation in the trains for Running Staff.


Position explained to the Staff Side. However, as demanded by the Staff Side, the issue

will be given fresh look.

20/2010: Quantum of debits to be raised in case of missing PRS Ticket/Rolls.


Will be discussed separately with AM(Comml.) associating Accounts Directorate. The

specific issues raised by Staff Side will be sorted out in a month’s time.

22/2010: Provision of adequate facilities for Ticket Checking Staff in the Rest Houses on

the Zonal Railways.


Staff Side insisted that a joint committee to be formed to look into the grievances as has

been done in the case of Running Rooms. It was also agreed to form Joint Committee of

concerned officers to inspect the rest rooms for taking appropriate action and suggesting

remedial measures. In regard to cash remittance this will be checked up for making cash

remittance on arrival at station.

8/2011: Demands of the AC staff of the Indian Railways.


(1) The colour of the pant for the uniform of AC staff from khakhi has already been changed

with Grey as per Board’s letter No.E(W)2008/UN-1/10 dated 04.05.2009. (pertains to


(2) Copy of instructions dated 15.02.2011 addressed to the Chief Security Commissioners

given to Staff Side. (pertains to DIG/P&TS)

(3) Recently the issue of grant of washing allowance to other categories on the Railways who

are presently not in receipt of washing allowance was considered by the Board and after due

deliberation on the matter, Board decided to further extend the benefits of washing allowance to

the category of safaiwalas working in Railway colonies only. (pertains to EDF/E)


(4) Regarding the issue of provision of regular berth for AC coach in-charge inside 2 AC and

3 AC compartment, it was agreed to process the matter on file taking into account similar other

‘on board’ staff on duty.


19/2006: D&AR action against staff – interference with the functioning of statutory



Position explained to Staff Side. Item may be closed.


1/2011: Disciplinary proceedings arising out of Vigilance cases against Group ‘C’ and

‘D’ staff.


Will be further discussed in a separate meeting.

Adv. Finance(Exp)

26/2010: Special Duty Allowance- Exemption sought for from the purview of Income Tax.


Matter referred to Ministry of Finance and reply awaited. Copy of reference to MOF

given to Staff Side.


28/97: Yardstick for staff under Junior Engineer/ Section Engineer (Works).


Staff Side was told that the sub committee will give its report within a month and a copy

will be given to them as desired.

14/2009: Corporate Welfare Plan.


With reference to the separate meeting held on 05.01.2011, Staff Side was told about the

follow–up action taken on the minutes of meeting. They were also informed that progress

achieved under CWP so far is still awaited from few Railways. On receipt, it will be compiled

and made available to Federations. Staff side demand for maintenance allowance will be re–

examined and issue will be considered.


40/2001: Arbitrary reduction of incentives bonus to SEs and SSEs – withdrawal of

Board’s decision –urged.


To be discussed in a separate meeting with AM(PU).

2/2005: Extension of Incentive Scheme in left-out shops/sections in Railway

workshops/Production Units covered under CLW type Incentive Scheme.



Will be discussed in a separate meeting with AM(PU). It was pointed by the Staff Side

that in respect of Electrical Millwrite of Dibrugarh Workshop of N.F. Railway, N.F. Railway has

also send recommendation with due concurrence of Associate Finance.


18/2010: Provision of Rest Rooms at wayside stations.


Zonal Railways may be advised to decide on the provision of resting facilities for station

staff, wherever required/feasible duly consulting the organized labour. Other possibilities to

overcome this problem will also be explored by the Zonal Railways.


16/2010: Linen Management in trains.


Official Side stated that instructions will be issued shortly to the effect that AC attendant

will continue to work. Staff Side insisted that till such time orders are issued status quo ante to

maintain. Staff Side further made it clear that any matter involving policy concerning staff,

opinion of Federations be taken before taking a policy decisions.


18/2007: Formation of IT Cadre – Promotion opportunities to staff.


Official side stated that as per position advised by Railways the existing eligible staff has

been absorbed in the reorganized cadre, except in few cases where they requested for repatriation

to parent cadre. Seniority has also been finalized barring NR where absorption of staff is in

process and SER where court cases are pending. Staff Side requested to re-ascertain the position

from Railways, in particular from NER and SER. It was also agreed that Railway will be advised

to fill up vacancies in the cadre at the earliest and old applications received by zonal railways

will be considered.


12/2005: Payment of Washing Allowance.


Matter under consideration.

25/2006: Payment of consolidated Monthly Conveyance Allowance to P.Way Mates,

Keymen and Trackmen.


The issue is already before the Committee on Trackman.

5/2010: Continued payment of Constant Attendance Allowance during hospitalization.


It was agreed that if there is any order from Ministry of Health on payment of Ayah

Allowance, the same will be examined.


29/2010: Grant of ex-gratia payment to unmarried daughters of SRPF(C) optees beyond

25 years of age.


A Cabinet note is under consideration for revision of ex–gratia being paid to the living

SRPF(C) optees and the family of deceased SRPF(C) optees.

2/2011: Encashment of Leave on Average Pay(LAP) while availing Railway Passes/PTOs


It was agreed that when leave is refused but pass is availed, encashment may be allowed.

6/2011: Revision of the rates of ex-gratia to the surviving State Railway Provident Fund

(SRPF) (Contributory) retirees.


Staff Side was advised that Cabinet Note has been sent.


42/2004: Exemption from the purview of rightsizing of other than safety categories.


1/2006: Introduction of new services and creation of new assets on Indian Railways –

Staff requirement.


2/2007: Rightsizing the Indian Railways- Downsizing staff strength.


1/2009: Review of sanctioned strength of staff and creating of additional posts-

Arbitrary and indiscriminate surrender of posts causing hardship to the existing staff

leading to all round resentment.


On insistence by the Staff side, it was agreed that clauses (a) & (b) of Board’s letter dated

11.08.2000 will be withdrawn immediately. Staff Side however, stated that clause(c) should also

be withdrawn.

29/2009: Grant of recognition to the Divisional training centres of the Railways and

payment of Training Allowance to the Instructors.


List of institutes not recognized will be furnished by the federations and will also be

checked up by the official side.

19/2010: Upward revision of the Training Allowance to the Instructors of the Zonal

Railways Training Institutes (ZRTIs) and STIs – reg.


Separate meeting to be held associating Finance.

21/2011: Rescinding of Railway Board’s orders in respect of Manpower Planning.


Instructions limiting the annual fresh recruitment have been withdrawn vide RBE

46/2011 dated 07.04.2011. Federations wanted specifically para (a), (b) & (c) of Board’s letter

RBE No.98/2009 to be withdrawn. This was agreed to.



44/2001: Fixation of pay on promotion from MCM to Mistry – Rectification of injustice –



Federations will provide further facts based on which the matter will be examined.

59/2004: Multi Skilling – Merger of SM/ASM, YM & TI.


Matter is still sub-judice.

14/2007: Fixation of pay under Rule 1313(1)(A)(1) (erstwhile FR 22 C) to the staff

promoted to the identical scales of pay carrying higher duties and responsibilities.


Will be discussed in a separate meeting

26/2009: Merger of upgraded group ‘D’ posts in pay scale of `3050-4590 (Group ‘C’) of

Diesel/ Elect. Loco/EMU Sheds in Technician III cadre.


This will be discussed before next meeting. Staff side stated that Zonal Railways

should be advised not to withdraw the benefit already given till the matter is settled in the

separate meeting.

21/2010: Advance increment to stenographers.


Instructions issued vide Board’s Order No.PC-VI/2010/7/5/2 dated 11.04.11.


11/2011: Grant of parity in Grade Pay and Pay Band to the categories of Stenographers

and Rajbhasha Staff.


In case of Rajbhasha Staff, Staff Side was advised that the issue will be finalised soon.

So far as stenographers are concerned, the same is also under consideration and Staff Side

insisted that decision granting parity be given in a month’s time duly revising the qualification

and designation Staff Side requested that parity be given w.e.f. 01.01.2006.

20/2011: Grievances of the staff of Railway Staff College, Vadodra.


Matter being re-examined.


26/2007: Introduction of objective type question in the written test held as part of

selection for promotion to posts classified as ‘Selection’ – extending the provision of 50%

objective type questions for selection from group ‘C’ to ‘B’ posts.


This will be further discussed.



46/2001: Allotment of pay scale of `3050-4590 to Khalasis/ Khalasi Helpers of Track

Machine Organisation.


Action to be taken as per minutes of the separate meeting with AM(Staff) held on


13/2004: Entitlement of Transport Allowance to Railway employees employed at cities

classified as ‘A-I’ and ‘A'.


A reference will be made by Staff Side. The Staff Side insisted that no recovery should

be made where payment already made.

25/2004: Denial of Allowance in lieu of Kilometerage (ALK) to the medically

decategorised Drivers drafted to perform duties of Power/Crew Controller.


This was discussed in a separate meeting with AM(Staff) held on 02.05.2011. The issue

was again discussed on 8th & 24th June 2011 with Federations. It was decided to issue


29/2005: Implementation of Career advancement Scheme- Grant of selection grade in pay

scale `3700-5700 to the Lecturers of Railway Degree College, Secunderabad- NFIR/PNM

Item No.41/96.


Staff side will get back.

16/2006: Justice to be administered to 55 Trackmen of Ajmer division, N.W. Railway.


Necessary instructions issued vide letter No.E(P&A)II-2005/PP-3 dated 09.02.2011 and

Federations advised.


29/2007: Safety Related Retirement Scheme – Drivers and Gangmen.


8/2009: Modification in the Safety Related Retirement Scheme- Loco Pilot and



Discussed and closed.


15/2009: Merger of Dearness Allowance equal to 50% of basic pay w.e.f. 01.04.2004-

Reckoning as pay for running staff.


To be discussed in a separate meeting.

16/2009: Upgradation of posts from group ‘C’ to group ‘B’ gazetted on the Railways.


Matter is under consideration.


18/2009: Reckoning of Additional Allowance for the purpose of computation of

retirement benefits – Classification thereof.


Matter was referred to Ministry of Finance who have not agreed. Staff side said that this

may be included in the separate meeting on Running staff issues.

2/2010: Rates of Running Allowance for Loco & Traffic Running Staff.


24/2010: Grant of overtime to the Railway employees consequent upon revision of pay

scales and allowances.


This was discussed in a separate meeting with AM(Staff) held on 02.05.2011 and also on

8th & 24th June 2011 with Federations.

11/2010: Rates of Stipend to Trainees/ Apprentices on the Railways.


The matter has been examined and the demand could not be agreed to. Staff side have

been advised vide letter dated 06.10.2010. Staff Side insisted that the matter should be reviewed.

3/2011: Denial of overtime payment to the Supervisors (excluded) when called out in

connection with accidents/ breakdowns.


Matter will be further examined. Staff Side cited the provisions and insisted that the

demand is justified.

4/2011: (a) Implementation of MACPS – Anomalies.

(b) Implementation of MACPS in the category of Sr. Supervisors/P.Way in PB 2

with GP `4200.

(c) Grant of financial upgradation to Accounts Staff under MACPs Scheme.


A separate meeting will be held to discuss all the MACPs anomalies raised by Staff Side

in the agenda as well through letter.

14/2011: Liberalized Active Retirement Scheme for Guaranteed Employment for Safety

Staff (LARSGESS) with Grade Pay of `1800.


This will be processed.

18/2011: Earmarking posts of Section Officer (Accounts) for Non-Appendix III IREM

Exam qualified Accounts Assistants.


Under examination.

25/2011: Appointment of the wards of the staff rendered surplus.


This will be reconsidered.

29/2011: Filling-up posts of Loco Inspectors and Power Controllers/Crew Controllers –

Modification thereof.


Under examination.



7/2006: Promotion against vacant posts in the diminishing cadres-Relaxation of extant

policy – Requested.


DOP&T have not agreed to the Staff Side demand and the same has been communicated

to the General Secretaries of both the Federations on 27.07.2010. However, workable solution to

be found out separately.


21/2005: Selection of Intermediate Apprentices from amongst skilled artisans for

absorption as JE Grade II in scale `5000-8000 in various Engg. Departments.


Instructions issued vide Board’s letter No. E(NG)I-99/PM7/17 dated 4.2.2011.


27/2006: Relaxation of extant provisions for absorption of staff working in Quasiadministrative

Offices/Organizations connected with Railways.


The data furnished by some of the Zonal Railways appeared to be not correct. As such,

the positions being reconciled with the Zonal Railways. Staff Side expressed concern over

negative approach of the Board and urged to review for restoring the policy introduced in the

years 1973 & 1977.

3/2007: Promotion of serving non-science graduate to the post of CMS Gr.II in scale

`6500-10500 and CMS Gr. I in scale `7450-11500 in the scientific organisation.


This may be discussed separately in the presence of Adv./ME.

6/2007: Employment assistance on compassionate grounds to wards of medically

decategorised staff.


Will be reviewed.

28/2007: Appointment on compassionate ground of ward/spouse of medically decategorised

staff on the Railways –Relaxation of conditions.


The demand of the Staff Side could not be found feasible of acceptance. Staff Side

however pointed out that this needs to be reviewed.

2/2009: Transfer of staff.


It was agreed that entire instructions on the matter will be reiterated. As desired in the

item, necessary instructions on periodical transfers during the academic session of children and

retention of Railway accommodation on educational grounds have been issued vide Board’s

letters No.E(NG)I-2009TR/7 dated 04.03.2010 and No.E(G)-2006 QR1/14 dated 05.04.2011

respectively. It was decided that Staff Side will send a draft in this connection which will be

considered for circulation and the item may be closed thereafter.


23/2009: Denial of ad-hoc promotion to the employees of Construction Organisation.


Staff side pointed out that on some zones adhoc promotees are being reverted and insisted

that this should be stopped immediately.

27/2009: Appointment on compassionate ground in the case of missing Railway employees

–Case for extending limit for retention of Railway quarters.


Retention of quarter beyond two years is under process.

28/2009: Promotion to the post of Laboratory Superintendent III – Medical Department.


Necessary instructions issued vide letter No.E(NG)I-2006/PM10/2 dated 11.03.2011.


09/2010: Stationary equivalent pay scale for Running Staff – Allotment of comparable



As regards equivalence of grades for absorption of medically de-categorised running

staff. Committee’s report given to Staff Side. Further action is in progress. L&A directorate is

currently in the process of revision of circulars regarding entitlement of quarters for general

staff. Thereafter, the issue of revision of entitlement for running staff for different types of

quarters is proposed to be taken up. Orders for Stationary equivalent Scale of Running staff in

the matter of promotion/ selection will be processed. Staff side stated that a communication has

already been sent to Board on Committee’s report with specific suggestions for consideration.

12/2010: Disclosure of marks secured by the candidates in the Written Test held for

Selection/LDCE for promotion.


It was decided that on request by concerned employee, marks will be furnished.

Necessary instructions will be issued accordingly.

15/2010: Conducting of Selection/Suitability test in Regional Language.


Instructions reiterated vide letter No.E(NG)I-2004/PM1/41 dated 25.04.2011.


27/2010: Promotion of Appendix-IIA passed candidates to the post of Jr. Accounts

Assistant in Grade Pay `2800.


This will be re-submitted to Board. Staff Side contended that DR quota vacancies are

available for Promoting Appendix-IIA qualified staff and requested to expedite the matter.

28/2010: Filling up of posts in paramedical categories in group ‘C’ on contract basis.


The scheme is extended upto 30.06.2011. Staff Side requested that the scheme be

extended to further one year.

30/2010: Compassionate appointment to the wards of Commission Vendors/Bearers

found medically unfit for all categories.


Instructions issued vide Board’s letter No.E(NG)II/2006/RC-I/Genl/1 dated 06.12.2010.

Item may be closed.



7/2011: One time exception for granting the benefits of GDCE.


Will be again put up to full Board for a review.

12/2011: Acceptance of Voluntary Retirement request of Medically de-categorized staff with less than 20 Years qualifying service – Grant of compassionate appointment to the wards of such staff and grant of pension.


Demand agreed to for only totally incapacitated medical staff for compassionate ground

appointment. Issue of pension is under consideration. Staff Side pointed out that those found fit

in C-I or C-II are kept on supernumerary and wages paid, and the demand deserves re–


22/2011: Regularization of casual labourers waiting in live register.


A separate meeting will be held with AM(Staff).

26/2011: Implementation of the recommendation of Group ‘D’ Staff Promotion

Committee (Ansari Committee).


Staff Side mentioned that the matter may be examined whether 6th CPC have taken care

of Ansari Committee’s recommendations, and if not, this may be considered in the CRC.

30/2011: (i) Grievances of Laboratory Staff of Medical Department.

(ii) Qualification for appointment of Laboratory Asstt. in GP `2400.


Under examination.


16/2011: Strengthening of Legal Cadre in the Railways,


Creation of new gazetted posts may be further pursued with Ministry of Finance and copy

of progress made on the Manchanda Committee Report will be given to Staff Side. Staff Side

pointed out that the system is suffering very badly due to inadequate strength of legal cadre and

demanded speedy action for creation of posts.

Chairman (HRRC)/DE(LL)

1/2010: Appointment of High Powered Committee to review the working hours of Loco & Traffic Running Staff and other safety categories of staff- Implementation of the agreement.


High Power Committee to review the duty hour of running and other safety related

categories of staff has been constituted vide Railway Board’s Order No.ERB-I/2011/18 dated



5/2011: Review of working hours of Nursing personnel working in the Railway Hospitals

– Reg.


A separate meeting will be held.


15/2011: Classification of Train Controllers as Intensive under HOER.


The HOER issue will be reviewed by High Power Committee. For other issues, may be

discussed separately with AM(T)/MT.


17/2011: Implementation of Rest Rules for the staff of Track Machine Organization.


21 days roster has been implemented/ partly implemented on 7 Railways i.e. ECR, NR,

NWR, SCR, SECR, SER, SWR. Further implementation is held up due to shortage of staff.

Recruitment and further implementation of 3 weeks roster will be pursued. A separate meeting

will also be held with AM(CE).

Chairman (HRRC)/JDE(W)

4/2010: Revised entitlement of Kit Pass on transfer/retirement on the implementation of

6th CPC.


Instructions issued vide Board’s letter No.E(W)2004 PS 5–9/1 dated 01.08.2011.


8/2010: Eligibility for 1st Class/AC–2 Tier and AC–3 Tier Passes.


Revised entitlement notified vide letter No.E(W)2008/PS 5-1/38 dated 06.01.2011.


17/2010: Supply of branded quality cloth for the purpose of uniform to Railway



Proposal will be submitted to Board.

10/2011: Reimbursement of Hostel Subsidy to the employees for keeping their children in

the Hostel of a Residential School away from the station they are posted/ residing

irrespective of any transfer liability.


Will be examined afresh.

13/2011: Post Retirement Pass to staff retiring with less than 20 years of service.


Position was explained to the staff side bringing out that the demand is not feasible of

acceptance. Staff Side however urged for fresh look into the demand.

19/2011: Provision of companion in same class for Post Retirement Complementary First

Class Pass holders who lost their life partner/unmarried in lieu of companion in Second/

Sleeper Class.


This may be reconsidered subsequently.


28/2011: Entitlement of Railway employees for traveling in ‘Duronto’ Express Trains on

the pattern of Rajdhani/ Shatabdi Express Trains.


This will be again put up to the Competent Authority.


3/2006: Implementation of negotiated settlement reached between the Federations

(NFIR/AIRF) and Railway Board.


A separate meeting was held on 18.01.2011 by Advisor(IR) with Staff side and record

note of discussion circulated on 22.02.2011. Latest position will be advised about the pending

issues to the Federations.


33/98: Provision of adequate percentage of leave reserve for group ‘D’ employees.


Next meeting date of the committee to be fixed shortly.

23/2011: Retention of Railway quarter at the previous place of posting by Railway



Discussed. It was agreed to delegate powers to GMs/DRMs to allow retention of quarter

on transfer at the previous place of posting on normal rent where such quarters are vacant and



Total Number of Items Closed Balance

Old Items 76 14 62

Agenda Items 30 NIL 30

Total 106 14 92


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PME Due Date

Master Circular No. 25

Copy of Railway Board’s letter No. 69/H/3/11 dated 06.12.1974

Subject: Implementation of the Recommendations of the Visual Sub-Committee.

6. Periodical re-examination of serving Railway Employees:

6.l. In order to ensure the continued ability of Railway employees in Classes A l, A 2, A 3, B l and B 2 to discharge their duties with safety, they will be required to appear for re-examination at the following stated intervals throughout their service as indicated below:

6.1.1. Classes A l, A 2 and A 3 —At the termination of every period of three years, calculated from the date of appointment until they attain the age of 45 years, and thereafter annually until the conclusion of their service.

Note: (l) The staff in categories A l, A 2 and A 3 should be sent for special medical examination in the interest of safety under the following circumstances unless they have been under the treatment of a Railway Medical Officer.

(a) Having undergone any treatment or operation for eye trouble irrespective of the duration of sickness.

(b) Absence from duty for a period in excess of 90 days.

(2) If any employee in medical category A has been periodically medically examined at any time within one year prior to his attaining the age of 45, his next medical examination should be held one year from the due date of the last medical examination and subsequent medical examination annually thereafter.

If, however, such an employee has been medically examined, at any time earlier, than one year prior to his attaining the age of 45, his next medical examination should be held on the date he attains the age of 45 and subsequent medical examination annually thereafter.

Ammendment: It was ammended in 1993 as below

Age Group PME Due

Age 00-45 every 4yrs

Age 45-55 every 2yrs

Age 55-60 every year
As per Rly Bd's Guideline of Medical Exam issued vide LNo. 88/H/5/12 dated 24-01-1993

a) PME would be done at the termination of every period of 4 years from date of appointment / Initial medical Exam till the date of attainment of age of 45 years, every 2 years upto 55 years & there after annual till retirement.
b) Employees who has been periodically examined at any time within 2years prior to his attaining the age of 45years would be examined after 2years from the date of last PME & subsequent PME for every 2years upto 55years age.Of

NRMU 4 you

6.1.2. Classes B-1 and B-2—On attaining the age of 45 years, and thereafter at the termination of every period of five years.