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Loco and Traffic Running staff Dharana against Lapses of Safety

NRMU/LTRS/Safety Lapses Dharana                Date: 29/01/2010



Respected Sir,

Subject: Loco & Traffic Running staff Dharana against

Lapses of Safety

In reference to above subject NRMU wants to keep Loco & Traffic Running Staff Dharana and slogan shouting programme in front of all lobbies on 09/02/2010 from 11 to 14 hours for following Running staff demands to maintain absolute safety. This is to be treated as notice for the same.

01. Extended Run System:

i. MExp Crew Link:

The proposed MExp Crew Link of SUR-HYB, SUR-GTL, PA-MMR section is against the safety. Violates HoER/GSR rules as very inadequate rest at HYB and having different subsidiary rules which we do not have training. There is no any relaxation on humanitarian grounds to attend natural calls also. The 10hrs rule is very old framed as per past working system. But now train speed has been increased comparatively nearly to double, which need much sustained attention. And besides that we must take decisions not only very fast but 100% accurate decision within a fraction of seconds. Because in 30seconds train is covering nearly 1KM distance. So the outdated HoER rules have to be changed first by keeping present working system like increased speed etc. Any how we are able to manage in our familiar section.

It is very unsafe to extend working on new sections without changing the HoER without considering of our long pending one of the demand of 20 chartered demands that to reduce our duty to six hours. It is seems to be that the said proposal is an invitation for the accidents which will place the life of crew as well as passengers endanger.

Moreover this issue is already pending at zonal level.

ii. Crack Run Special:

The proposed Goods working between DD-NGN, DD-WD & DD-LNL is not possible practically. But administration forced to work most of times beyond 10hrs. Even though it was mutually agreed to man goods trains between PA-SUR by DD Based crew but administration is booking PA crew by violating all norms of booking. This is not only against the safety but also creating unrest among the SUR Division running staff. So NRMU demands to stop harassment by awarding working to DD Based crew.

Hike is that such instance of the railway administration is clear clear breakage of his commitment that Running Allowance Committee –2002 report will be scrapped, because it is the backdoor implementation of RAC-2002’s para 4:4, 4:4.1,  4:4.2 and 4:4.3.

02. Tri-color/3 Cell Torch:

Inspite of demanded several times till torch is not being supplied to lot of ALPs. It is a safety item so Union demands to supply Tri-color Torch at an earliest to all ALPs on the division.

Moreover most of the Tri-color Torches supplied to the Drivers are not in working order due to inferior quality. Union demands to supply good quality tri-color torch to the drivers.

03. Caution Order :

Caution order provided by A-4 Size Print having very small size font, KM Nos. and SR to which we unable to read. This is very dangerous to the safety so Union demands to provide caution order with bigger size font which can be readable easily.

04. Look out Glass Cleaning :

Due to heavy humidity and dusty climate look out window glass of the Locos is being dirty immediately. Union suggests that to clean look out glass by staff providing sand at various points i.e. PA, DD, SUR and WD.

05. Back Rest to LP’s Seat :

It is appreciated that back rest has been provided to the driver’s seat on most of the Locos. Union demands to provide back rest to LP’s seat in all remaining Locos at an earliest.

06. Accident Free Service Award (AFSA) :

Union demands to award running staff for their accident free service as per Rly. Bd’s instructions by including ALP’s service also.

07. Hectometer Stone (Mileage Nos.):

Recently P. Way Engg Dept has changed numbering of hectometer stones to the high visibility retroflection type on some of the sections of the division may be as per IRPWM. But the main KM Nos. is unable to read in running train. In safety point of view it is very dangerous when LPs experiences unusual & unable to note down the correct KM Nos.

i. So union demands to increase the font size of main KM Nos that running staff can read easily during running trains.

ii. Numbers to be written horizontally in bigger size, instead of vertical as it was previously.

iii. And the background of starting main km No. stone to be yellowish instead of white.

iv. Furthermore union demands to provide one additional stone for the main KM Nos. only in starting of KM e.g. 520.

v. And also the said procedure has to be followed on the entire SUR division uniformly.

08. Delayed Grievances of Running Staff :

It is seen that several grievances of running staff is being delayed. Justice Delayed means justice denied. e.g. pending seniority issues, pending D&A Cases, Pending individual grievances etc.

Due to which Running staff feels very bad. Because running staff says that why the punctuality Scheduled timetable 10Hrs Duty to us only? Why administration neglects our grievances and kept it prolonged?

NRMU demands to solve grievances of running staff viz.

a. Seniority problems,

b. MACP promotion,

c. filling of vacancies of ALPs,

d. Arrears of BCA to LP/ALPs

e. filling of vacancies of Goods Guards,

f. directing for PPC,

g. Safety related voluntary retirement Scheme,

h. Cadre restructuring promotions,

i. one time option promotion (ie promotion without selection),

j. filling of vacancies of LIs,

k. forwarding of applications,

l. request transfers,

m. mutual transfers,

n. payment of 60% arrears,

o. pay fixation,

p. stepping up of pay,

q. regular promotions

r. OT payment

s. OT arrears

t. Screening of LPG/Gds Gd for MExp/Pass HO Working

u. Battery Cell Allowance to Guards as per increased rate

v. Arrears of BCA to Guards

w. NHA payment Rs.280/- to staff having Basic above Rs.26170

x. Arrears of NHA

y. Shunting duty allowance

z. Nonpayment High Speed trip allowance

09. Wrong booking of Guards at SUR:

It is seen that in-spite of Pass Guards available anytime, were not booked for higher officiating working which is very serious in safety point of view. Union demands to book Pass Link guards for higher officiating on MExp trains strictly according to their seniority experience only as per prevalent procedure for safe train operation.

10. Working of 1550 SUR-PA passenger :

ADOM then has introduced a new system of locking of 3 coaches for DD, PAA & KDG respectively. These three coaches are being hauled in locked vacant condition from SUR to KDG without earning nearly for 200 kms and ex DD, PAA, KDG is being made available for pass service ie only 50 to 70 kms earning inspite these are purely unreserved general compartments. This is against the rule as well as public interest also on humanitarian grounds. Guards have to face some times the public furies also. Passengers at roadside stations from SUR to DD trying to enter in locked coaches in confusion and due to 1min halts they have to leave train. Sometimes they confronted with guards also. So Union demands to stop such unlawful practice in the interest of earnings, bonafied passengers and safety also.

11. Poor visibility in WDG4/WDP4

Your kind attention is invited towards the defect in the structure design of the GM Class WDG4/WDP4 locomotives. A number of complaints have been pouring in the NRMU office about extremely poor visibility while these locomotives are put to work in long hood. Loco Pilots and Co- Loco Pilots/ Asstt. Loco Pilots have to face unbearable problems in observing the track and the signal aspect when they work on the said locomotives in the long hood, as they have to virtually either stand up or lean out of the side window for observing the aspect of the signal. This causes strenuous fatigue as also results in spondylitis problem to the LP/ALPs. Union demands to stop Long hood working till to convert the loco in to the dual cab.

12. Roster of CCOR Office NP/P staff :

Running staff working round the clock 24X7 so they has no time to come to CCOR office for their problems due to very less office timings ie 10 to 17 hrs. So NRMU demands to change timings of all CCOR offices according to sanctioned duty roster from 07.30 to 18 hrs every day from Monday to Sunday ie CCOR office to be kept opened on Sunday also.

13. LED Red Light of LC barriers:

It is complained that there is a Red LED light is illuminated on the tip of modified level Xing lifting Barriers confuses loco pilots. So NRMU demands to eliminate these LED Red lights from these modified lifting barriers.

14. Speed Restrictions at Siding :

It is confusion amongst the running staff regarding Speed restriction in Sidings on the SUR division. So NRMU urges administration to clarify the SR on all siding of SUR division whether it is 30, 15 or 10 kmph in the interest of safety.

15. Supply of WTT to ALPs :

To keep good working knowledge by ALP also, union demands to supply working time table (WTT) to ALPs also as provided in the other divisions.

16. Safety friendly LP cab :

As there is no any provision to put safe the important train documents/safety equipment’s in the Loco Pilot’s Cab during run, Loco Pilot forced to keep attention on these items also during Run which is very dangerous. So NRMU demands to made some provision on control stands to keep safe but in easy access of Loco Pilot the important safety items such as BPC, Caution order, walkie talkie, flags/torch, memo book, log book, trip card etc.

17. Filing of Vacancies in feeder cadre ALP/Gds Gd:

There will be nearly 100 vacancies of ALPs and nearly 40 to 50 vacancies of Gds Guards. And no direct recruitment process started by RRB. So union demands to fill-up these vacancies from Departmental eligible staff at an earliest. Vacancies upto 30/08/2009, if viable fill-up as per one time option promotion. For safe working of trains. WD depot ALPs are facing more problems due to mixed beat working and morethan 30% vacancies. NRMU demands to balance the ALPs.

18. Delayed Promotions:

There are lot of vacancies in promotional cadre of SrALP, LPS-I/II, LPG, LPP, LPME, SrGdsGd, PassGd. NRMU demands to promote eligible staff immediately without selection under on time option promotion for safe and accident free running of trains.

19. Periodical Rest :

Safety point of view it is mandatory to give PR to Running staff total 5 PRs of 22Hrs or 4PRs of 30Hrs in a month. But is not upto the mark. Moreover PCOR are cancelling PRs marked by CCCOR by giving PC No and forcibly booking the running staff. So NRMU demands to stop such unsafe arbitrary procedure at an earliest.

20. Signal Locations :

Normally as per S&T manual signals are to be installed at left side of track in the direction of train movement. But some signals such as MO up M/L starter signal located at right side of track. NRMU demands to provide arrow mark on these signal post facing towards related line so that LP can identify it without fail.

21. Leased SLR problem of Guards:

There are lots of problems of leased SLR between MRJ-PA-MMR. Train direction changes twice at PA & DD. Leased party has to shift his luggage twice from rear to front SLR twice. Sometimes due to more packages he cannot shift all packages within the halt timing. At that time guards becomes sandwich either to start the train by leaving behind the let party or to detain the train till the party to shift the luggage to front SLR or to permit carry the one of the balance valid package in rear SLR upto DD. In these three situations guards get flustered. So union request to stop such frustration of Guards by giving clear instructions, that in such some specific cases/trains leased party can carry one of the package in rear SLR upto next transshipment point (ie Ex PA to DD) within the overall limit of his loading license.

These all cases are related to running staff psychology to concentrate on safe working of train required immediate solution. Delay/ignorance will be at the cost of administration.

Thanking you.

                                                     Yours truthfully,

                                                         --  sd  ---

                                                  ( S.M.Lokhande)


                                                 Loco & Traffic Running Staff Br

                                                    NRMU / Sholapur



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6.l. In order to ensure the continued ability of Railway employees in Classes A l, A 2, A 3, B l and B 2 to discharge their duties with safety, they will be required to appear for re-examination at the following stated intervals throughout their service as indicated below:

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